[CHALLENGE] 4c1a2: Biodecomposition space heater

This is Challenge 4c1a2 from CH 4c1a: The The renewable energy designs of physicist Carl Johnson



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Carls Johnson is a rebel physicist and engineer who has pioneered a number of intriguing designs over the years…being a confident and open source designer, has published his body of work for everyone to test out and improve. Carl graduated from University of Chicago in physics in 1967 and has been applying his mind ever since for the betterment of humanity.

This biodecomposition space heater is an example of the simplicity and practicality of Carl’s designs.


Activity: Global brainstorm session and begin initial design

Build and remix Carl Johnson’s Heat Green space heater based upon biodecomposition. Redesign and reform for different scenarios including portable furniture.


  • industrial design
  • engineering - hardware, software, electrical, mechanical
  • renewable energy - bioenergy, biodecomposition
  • construction
  • biology