CHALLENGE 4c1a:The renewable energy designs of physicist Carl Johnson

This is Challenge 4c1a from CH 4c1: Community Renewable Energy



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Carls Johnson is a rebel physicist and engineer who has pioneered a number of intriguing designs over the years…being a confident and open source designer, has published his body of work for everyone to test out and improve. Carl graduated from University of Chicago in physics in 1967 and has been applying his mind ever since. He attended University of Chicago and was taught by some of the greatest minds of science (see Nobel Laureates of University of Chicago) In a move that can only be described as highly principled, Carl later attended Grad school at Purdue University but declined his Masters degree because he was disappointed by the level of education.

Carl looks for simplicity of concepts in design. Many of his designs are groundbreaking in both their simplicity and their scope. He publishes all his calculations transparently for all to see, investigate and improve upon. Since he has accumulated so many designs over the years, we will publish some of the ones which Carl feels are the most promising, especially for open source solutions to today’s energy quagmire. Carl is well into his 70’s and would like young physicists, engineers and designers to take the body of work he has done and improve upon it for the benefit of humanity. In this capacity, we publish Carl’s designs with the highest aspirations of benefiting humankind.

These designs are based on principles of physics and Carl invites everyone to confirm them for him/herself. Industrial designers can redesign these into products that can be easily manufactured while circular designers can add the dimension of material circularity to them. Many of these can be the basis for a local energy manufacturing industry in community cooperatives around the globe. In this way, the designs can be a eminently useful to society in both providing distributed community level energy supply and create jobs for the local community.

IFL and SRG will be building prototypes of a number of these technologies with the goal of engaging local community cooperatives to manufacture them to create healthy local economies, help rapidly reduce emissions and serve community energy needs.


Activity: Global brainstorm session and begin initial design

NOTE: Physicist and inventor Carl Johnson will make himself available for 2 hours to answer any questions about his design and offer any support to those interested in implementing his designs.

CH 4c1a1:10KWatt home tornado generator
CH 4c1a2: Biodecomposition space heater
CH 4c1a3: Low cost, low tech community wind wall for generating 1 to 10 MWatt of power (estimated cost $1.8 million USD but can be less than $1 million if community labor is provided)
CH 4c1a4: Low cost humidity water purifier


  • industrial design
  • engineering - hardware, software, electrical, mechanical
  • renewable energy - wind energy
  • physics (fluid dynamics, climate science)
  • chemistry
  • computer simulation and modeling
  • applied mathematics
  • construction
  • biology

Hey @Gien, any progress on this? Did you build the proposed concepts?

In my humble opinion the notes of Carl Johnson do not add up, writing in Comic Sans and ALL CAPS is no substitution for proof of concepts or simulations.

No, it’s no proof, but they are suggestive of experiments to build and try. I haven’t had time to try this out yet.