Call for Volunteers / Cyclists / Performers: Collaborative Performance

Who am I

Interdisciplinary artist Carrie Hampel ( founder of (with GreenBuzz and OSCE days) and creator of the bike tour performance during OSCEdays Berlin 2018.

What will we do

Performative bike tour on the topic of sustainable transport. The tour takes guests (anywhere between 50-150 people) on a beautiful tour from the EUREF Campus to Gleisdreieck Park, across Tempelhofer Feld and ends with a summary performance back at the EUREF campus.

What you can sign up for

YES! You’re welcome! Be a part of it. With artists Gabriel Walsh, Carolyn Ridsdale, Carrie Hampel, Eunice Maurice (we’re all volunteering too!).

What tasks are up for grabs?

  • Making your bike into a piece of moving art (attachable bike art from Gabriel Walsh) - with you on it, of course!
  • Assisting guests along the route (lead the way- no talking required, unless you want to, then you may chatter away…, route is provided)
  • Performing a light-vehicle dance with ebikes, cargobikes and kicktrikes at Gleisdreieck park (lots of FUN)
  • Speeding along the Tempelhofer Feld runway in formation of larger vehicles (massive FUN)
  • Assisting in a criticalmass-type ride along the main road back to EUREF campus (amazing FUN)
  • In the case of rain, the art-bike performance will be conducted on campus… (not as much fun, but still FUN!)

you may want to do ALL of these things! Great!

Also VERY important (but excludes other activities):

  • Documenting (you have to be a little acrobatic/cyclista) the ride with video, sound and photos (I provide equipment and director Eunice Maurice provides shoot plan / instructions, equipment will be fool-proof, but those with an ear or an eye for documentation is obviously a plus)


Required: bring your own bike (or ride a cool light-vehicle that we provide)

Time: (total of 5 hours over two days, a week apart)
Rehearsal Thursday June 7th, 5:30- 7:30 from Euref campus,
Performance Thursday June 14th, 5 pm - 8 pm for the event @ Euref.

Contact: Carrie: or phone: 017654555736

Leave your contact details and “Bike Performance” in email heading