[BoSt Meeting, January 4, 2016] - General Meeting of provisional BoST No 4

Provisional BoST Meeting - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 8pm GMT on Skype on January 4 2016

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @unteem


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##1. Hi
How is going to be the moderator
How is going to document?
How are you?

##2. Introduction
New people here? Quick introduction round.

##3. Update Statutes
Short update by @Lars2i about the development of the statutes and founding process of the organisation.

##4. Website Feedback

Lars was working on the new webpage. It is not finished yet but progressed. Let’s have a look at it and collect feedback.

##5. Call for Cities Announcement Date and Strategy?
When will we announce the new OSCEdays, send out the call for cities? And what is our strategy to spread?

##6. Change Forum Welcome Message
Change Forum Welcome Message

##7. Sponsorship Brochure
Erica worked on the sponsorship brochure. Let’s have a look at it. (Last comment here). Next steps? (Let’s plan a sponsorship team meeting.)

##8. Cash Situation
What is the cash situation? And is there some money left from to pay @Lars2i for the work done in the past month (mostly statutes and webpage etc.)

##9. . . .

Next meeting is January 18

Meeting Notes - 4th January 2016
Happy New Year!

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1&2. Hi and Intros
Intros from all attending

@TechnicalNature - Sustainable Design/ Product Design Engineering based London/ Reading - survived floods in Aberdeenshire
@Silvia - Manufacturing Engineer Indianapolis
@cameralibre - documentary film maker/ open source Berlin
@Jaime - Open Source crowd sourcing platform Oslantis - Nice South of France
@sharmarval - Phd Eco Design Innovation - currently based Delft (also connections & worked London, Ireland, Cardiff )- Sharon can only stay for a bit as not too well
@Gien - Stop Reset Go - Rapid Innovation South Africa
@unteem - Worked with Future of Waste and now lots of different initiatives
@Lars - Open IT and OSCEdays - had been hiking in the snow in Austria

Welcome to Janosch @djcoco - new vorstand for the OSCEdays (microphone isn’t working well so will be listening)

( We talk about point 8 first so Sharon can go rest)

3. Update Statutes
Short update form Lars who has sent them off and will hopefully get back/ acceptance before June

4. Website Feedback
All to take a look and give feedback on the website - Lars and Sam will then be working on it further (probably over the weekend). Lars will tweak initial bits on Wednesday so can start sharing more (also for feedback)
First suggestions are:

  • Pretty much fine overall - LArs has already implemented many of the suggestions from previous (although Lars does not feel super happy with it and is not sure why…)
  • More description - where to take action - make it clearer, more visible
  • Make clearer reference to documentation from last year and that it’s not the first one etc
  • Alignment of the cities
  • Question on topics from Gies - do they cover enough or are some too wide? e.g. Hardware
  • However many feel that we can wait until we get more challenge topic suggestions from participants and see if required or not, or community suggestions.See what other groups may naturally emerge
  • Can add a - “can’t find a suitable category, contact us”
  • Make the MORE accessible noticeable (a lot of important stuff here)
  • Clarify the menu - Lars and Sam will experiment with the theme
  • Also add a link for sharing on LinkedIn (Silvia has had good professional connections and comments on OSCEdays via here)
    -The Discourse and wordpress plugin is not working easily - Tim is experimenting

Tim has also been setting up a newsletter & also a chat option. chat.oscedays.org - to review and decide on communication channels

5. Call for Cities Announcement Date and Strategy

  • Lars is looking at doing and using similar material and approach as last year. Link to the sign-up page (updated)
  • looking at Next Monday
  • List of contacts can be found that was used from last year (on google docs) and then update
  • Query if we need to do this but seen as a good way for clarity through excel combined with a fromy topic by Lars to make more visible. Sam also thinks this will be good to show the visibility of time spent to do this, reach out to people and organisations (like Lars did it for almost a week last year).
  • Silvia is happy to maintain the tracking doc (can embed a link to it in the topic
  • Tim also suggests we can look at a Thundeclap campaign. Could look at doing early Feb with newsletter to raise awareness and call for cities. He’ll look at time, effort to do this.

ASIDE - LArs mentions also ouishare conference where can talk and Erica also Upcoming EU Circular Eocnomy policy discussion in Feb.

6. Change Forum Welcome Message
Forum welcome message is reviewed, updated (didn’t catch all this…)

7. Sponsorship Brochure
Erica has updated and Sam done an initial tweak - still needs work but on right track

  • Ideas/ suggestion for a more international mini example from last year - Perhaps Chennai?
  • Discussion over sponsor levels - Erica suggests media could be higher, get quite a lot, Although Silvia suggests how not to alienate smaller startups (however also need to recognise diff from local and global sponsorship).
  • This can be used as an open template/ guidance - but can be localised
  • Tm is wondering if we need to be so specific on offerings, although Silvia thinks people want to know and Jamies that it is good for transparency
  • Could change from 1000 to 1500 (is this high enough for the global?)
  • Slide 3 - change subject to community - reword
  • Sam will go through tomorrow, tweak design, english, then Jamie, Silvo and Lars will finalise further (alongside feedback from Janosch)

8. Cash Situation

  • All happy to pool remaining sponsorhsip money t support the work done by Lars in past months (FOE, KTN etc)
  • Some retained for expenses and volunteer thank you drinks
  • Lars will check with RFF for any expenses from 2nd Berlin trip covered
  • Gien also suggests looking at crowdfunding as source and linking with Jaime’s expertise here


Ideas from Gien on topics ( written on Skype - more to add from ongoing discussion between Gien and Silvia)

Note: some of these can link with topics looked at last year to build upon