[BoST Call, November 5, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - General Call #10

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: Silvia
Scribe: Ricardo
Participants: Gien, Maike, Qing

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: TO DO LIST
Note: We have to update the roles and tasks as soon as possible.

2 Payment for forum hosting - has to be sorted out urgently

3 June events review
Update on interviews with OSCEdays local teams about their 2018 events. Deadline for interviews and recording the content in the Google file is Sep 2.

Qing will contact Gien to see where we are at with contacting other cities for interviews.

4 OSCEdays new name
No answer from Jaime. How do we want to proceed?

5 Local Community Building

  • Berlin will start monthly meetings at the end of October, ideally timed with the Association’s launch
  • Maike will lead the first one, but a group of 3 - 4 volunteers will take turns in organizing these meetings
  • We would like to see other cities adopting this initiative

6 Open Actions (for tracking purposes, not always necessary to review during the call)

  • Video communication - sharing by all on social media, during upcoming events and posting on the main OSCEdays website (Gien with Lars’ help?)
    Ricardo has finished the video, we are very grateful for all his work on it. Thanks to all who have contributed their ideas to it.

    Maike will ask Lars to add it to the main website
    We discussed the need to add other points of view to the definition of OSCE, besides the industrial production reflected in this first video animation
    Qing will create a list of other points of view - deadline end of Nov

  • OSCE review (foundational document) - update by Maike and Qing

    Once the association is registered, we will go back to the strategic plan agreed in Dec 2017 and work on incorporating it into the association’s objectives

  • Association related
    Maike will manage work on a website dedicated to the association to include a contact form and the structure diagram linking the forum, the main OSCEdays website to the association
    Need to figure out e-mail addresses for members or at least for BoST members

7 Agenda for next call December 3

Hi folks, I have to send my apologies for tonight (and many calls previously). Some things have changed personally meaning I’m commuting during calls nowadays - I thought it would be a play by ear situation and that I could make some meetings but it’s not really working out that way. Also it means I have less time for OSCEdays so if it hasn’t happened by default for my poor attendance recently I think I should step out of BoST at least for the next few months and move to a supporter/ambassador role. Sorry I can’t make the commitment right now, please keep up the fight!

Hello we’re new to the space. I’m here from Mappo with the MappoTeam, we’re building a circular blockchain operating system and network. To know more about us, you can visit our site www.mappoculture.co Our project received much inspiration from many of the ideas and concepts posted by members here. We appreciate greatly the group of people working in this space. Our operating system consist of our technologies, but will be open source. As we develop our system, we’d love to share with and hear feed back from you guys. The network is a platform for price measurement and exchange of circular materials, products, and services. This will be open to anyone who wants to participate in a circular economy.


summary of the discussed

An email was received with the information that must be paid before November 21 by the host of the forum. we must know the amount to be able to decide what to do, if we are going to pay for another period or move the forum to a free host. but taking into account if this does not affect the information already uploaded in the current space.

In addition, the change of name must be discussed, which is not a very urgent issue, but everything could be handled and a single decision made, about host, name and creation of the organization.

On the issue of the organization there are advances, Until now we believe that it is necessary to create a local organization to work better among the teams that develop the different activities. So far each of the communities has worked individually, we believe that if we have an organization officially, people will work in a better way because this can help raise funds, have memberships, for example, 20 or 30 a year. discussing if we will have membership from other countries, the idea would be to create a local organization that works to develop the activities locally and in the same way they are created all over the world.

The organization in Berlin needs to inform and not lose contact with the local teams and have a budget, if there is money involved you must inform the management of money that is being made. And above all, budget management to manage expenses.

The video has begun to be used, there are possible changes to be made to show other aspects apart from productive or industrial issues.

Maike promised to work on the web to know what changes to make and in the organization of the information that is being presented.

Present a summary of the latest developed in September during the Medellin hackathon, together with the lens Colombia network. There are 70 projects developed by 6 universities and they are in process of adjustment to upload to the system.

He has been organizing the tiping point festival which is going to be a global event at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. Basically the idea is to socialize and work on the problems connected to the planetary limits of each city and try to solve these problems, to be a framework to solve openly and from the bottom up. Try to change and generate new research to solve these problems.
I have to develop resilience in these issues. It is important to solve biodiversity problems, span,

Explained different aspects about organizational issues in Berlin, which we must also take into account for the structuring of the global organization.
You are also working on this document:

It remains to present all items of the agenda for the next meeting.

Thank you for all your work, Seigo, take your time, but know that we are waiting for your return to BoST and more exciting work within and for our community and to make OSCE a reality. Take care, Silvia

Hi Guys how are you doing?. The last period I have been involved in open hardware projects focused on local production, working close with a great farmer-maker friend. We both met at Open Source Ecology. Currently we, and other friends, are working hard on an open hardware project to cut metal parts locally which could be a machine that enables distributed localized manufacturing. We are trying to reach out communities, people and organizations that could benefit from this. Please help us by reaching those in the OSCE network that you think can benefit from an open hardware plasma cutter and share/fill in the form. If you also want to know more about what we are doing, it would be great to talk with you about it.

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