[BoST Call January 8, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - DO Call #1

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

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1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks:

1: Good attendance: Lars, Qing, Nikusha, Silvia, Gien, Seigo

1 B. Agree on how to agree about the Agenda for the Do-Calls?

How do we decide what to work on in a Do-Call?
Lars: vote on the day?
Silvia: use the agenda on the forum to decide
Seigo/Qing: Agree, should be led/facilitated by someone so planned at least a couple weeks’ before.

DO Calls: all agreed that the structure/process going forward would be:

  • Last 90 minutes
  • Pre-decided, planned and lled by proposer i.e. any required materials, agenda, etc.
  • On-going actions will be prioritised
  • At the end of calls, we decide on the agenda for the next DO call

Next DO call is Feb 5

2 Review To Do List

  • fill out open roles, check if back-ups are available for each role

  • recruit others for roles

2 To Do List:
We should decide on back-ups for roles.
_Minimum quorum for a BoST call: 3
Went through the roles and allocated roles. Outstanding, ask:
@sharmarval to be Comms Head?
@nicustasia to be FB back-up?

3 Finish the Diagram draft

Not tackled, leave on agenda as (out)standing item.

4 Update on legal OSCEdays legal status

4: Qing related the details. A very simple statute has been drafted. Easier to add additional policies or amendments to be more restrictive later on than be overly prescriptive now. Ready to send off to the tax authorities - takes about 6 weeks to pre-check to give non-profit status. Then will need 7 members minimum for a board (do not have to be in Germany).

5 Actions

  • Send diagram to graphic designer - Sharon ?
    5 - @sharmarval to update.

6 Start the Campaign for 2018

As suggested here.

Lars related the content he developed over the holidays: Call for Cities, Call for Solutions and OSCEdays 2018 Impact Strategy. Lars is excited by expanding our reach by connecting with FB posters, frequent Tweeters etc. to leverage what materials and enthusiasm out there already and scale the solutions. He will talk to MateriaBrasil and Seigo messaged Community Fridge Network during this call.
Lars proposed to kick off the campaign tomorrow - all agreed

I think we should make this call mostly about the global event 2018 and strategies for it. By then almost everything for the new call and event will be ready.

Disagree, because that falls under planning. So let’s put it on the agenda for Jan 22. OK?

We also need to finish things we started: diagram, legal status. My view is for us to have less open/re-opened threads/actions and more tangible achievements in 2018.

Oh, it will actually be a lot about DOING by then. :slight_smile:

All practical stuff. The call will be ready as well as the website and we can send it out that night. The earlier we start this year the more time local organizers and content providers have to prepare or get on board.

But let’s have a vote at the beginning of the call what we should work on that evening. We will probably run several times with these DO calls into the same problem: More stuff to do than time at hand. So we need a procedure to decide what we are going to focus on in the call anyway.

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Hi guys, happy new year to you…I’m out this evening. Not feeling well. Chat next time.

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Happy New Year, get well soon.

Minutes (by Seigo) are posted above in the Agenda.