[BoST Call February 5, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - DO Call #2

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: Silvia
Scribe: Silvia
Participants: Qing, Ricardo, Gien

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
_Ricardo has more time this year, it’s great to have him back

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: To Do List

2 Actions

Contact her by Feb 10 to check what information she needs to submit in our name
Deadlines: Feb 22, first info; Apr 26 final application

  • Short video or videos (using animation and a combination of fun and serious content) to introduce OSCE model and be posted on the main page - @RicardoRug is in charge

    The diagram will be included in the content of the video

3 Campaign for OSCEdays 2018

Update: new cities, old cities, solutions, event topics
Communication - how is it going
Ongoing tasks

Good to see new cities joining. We need everybody to go to the Campaign TO DOS (see Lars’ comment below) and get things moving.

4 Water Hackathon Project

The project has its own Activity place [PROJECT] Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis Hackathon All the information posted in other places has been transferred here and the topics archived.

@Gien is working on finalizing the program. He will ask Lars how to post on the main page the name of the project with a link to the forum for people to join it.

He and the other organizers hope to see a lot of projects getting funding for implementation.

We discussed pros and cons for two logistics options: working in separate groups on projects or have everybody work on one project at a time. We agreed that whatever option will be chosen, there should be no winner takes all competition and that the project teams should be as diverse as possible.

Ricardo will participate and get other universities engaged, as Bogota is at risk of running our of water in about a year from now . He will find participants in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He might organize a similar water hackathon during the June events.

5 Other

Gien talked about the Mozilla Foundation acceptance. If you have any updates, post them on its respective topic.

6 Agenda for next DO call March 5

Campaign for OSCEdays 2018

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I will be there. got some ideas for comunicate osced 2018


Hi all,

I am really sorry. I stepped up to facilitate this call but something urgent came in my way and now I am not able to join it. But you can run it without me also and someone might take over.

Ricardo seems to have a few ideas :slight_smile: and here is basically a to do list for tonights call I planned to go through and transform into activities with you:


Also @Gien might pick your brains a bit how to push the Cape Town water crisis hackathon.

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@Qing do you have what you need for the grant application? Let us know what we need to provide before Feb 10th. Thank you.

Hi all, she is too busy with research to do the diagram.

@Silvia, Gien and i talked last weekend; i have received documents from Ricardo; meike have also Project and interested in grants program. i am trying to make a appointment with her to discuss about it. hopefully we can make it tomorrow.

Do you have any project you´d like to suggest, Please let me know.

now i am trying to put all idea together, because we only have 3 minute to pitch it. i´ll come back to you if i need any help. Thanks.

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