[BoST Call, Aug 8, 11 am GMT] - General Call of provisional BoST 20

Meeting on Skype (Google hangout as back-up, link will be posted here).
Please confirm participation

Moderator __Silvia
Scribe ____Silvia

People in the call: @JayKay @Melanie_Tan and Silvia


  1. Election of new BoST update

Johnny and Melanie confirmed they are in. They will update their preferences at:

Call for OSCEdays Stewards

Please do the same. Deadline 30 Sep 2016.

Johnny noted that it might be difficult to choose a role until we define the goals of our community for 2016/2017. It is up to you all to choose a role now or later, keep in mind they we can always change our roles. Some of us believe that we would be more effective by focusing on certain functions. This would also allow for proper sharing of our time and work for OSCE.

  1. Flagship projects

Melanie would like to work on education and adoption of OSCE in SE Asia. Please add your suggestions to the list:

Gien’s proposal - to follow-up at the next meeting or online
Others: Sam is working on the animation project
OSCEDays 2016 summary = work in progress

  1. DIF collaboration

Waiting for Sam’s proposal.
Feel free to add your proposals.

Request from Joe Iles: we’d like to get some basic information on the website before mid-September, so people can get excited about an OSCE-DIF collaboration!
Let’s answer at the next BoST on 22 Aug.

  1. Physical meeting

BoST meeting October 21 - 24

Check it out and suggest another date, if you cannot make it. We will assume that the date works for you if you do not state otherwise.

Next call: 20 Aug 7 pm GMT


Hi all, I can’t be there, I am on vacation and without internet. Will be back and ready for action on August 20 :slight_smile:

Hello! Will be there! on Aug 8 (:

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Melanie, please send me your Skype contact. Mine is silvia.leahu

Notes are available for your review and comments. Thank you, Silvia