[BoST Call, April 1, 7 pm GMT] - 2019 - General call #2

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST


1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

2 Update on association
Work on internal documents: here

3 Newsletter

  • Association launch
  • June events invite

4 Agenda for next call May 6
Silvia needs a back-up for BoST Call Management TO DO LIST

Note for Silvia: See BoST call Nov 5 for Open Action list

I will be there and will gladly give an update on the Vienna event. In addition, there should be an update on the association

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Hi all. Unfortunately, we were not able to hold the call as we did not have 3 participants (only Qing and myself). Can we plan a replacement call? The topics for the General Assembly need to be discussed.

Re-scheduled for March 4.

@BoST - I am teaching at that time and will not be able to attend.

No quorum for March 4, re-scheduled for April 1.

Qing and I were at a meeting on the Berlin OSCEdays. Sorry, I was ill so I forgot to let BoSt know in advance.

I will attend on the 01.04

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S: Sylvia
M: Michael Boyle
G: Gien
R: Ricardo

2 Update on association
S: It is now registered
We have a webspace
We have account
All goals for starting association have been accomplished.
M:Jan 7 is last posting?
S: No, scroll down…15 days ago.
M: Speaking to Qing - were we suppose to have general assembly in March?
S: Not sure if March meeting was necessary. Miake will invite you to the upcoming annual meeting.
M: Any idea of how to bring clarity of association? Which goals is it tied to.
S: Post everything in forum for now. That is the best place to engage. You have access to BoST topics now since you are part of BoST.
M: Would be good to have conversation with Qing, Maike about goals of association.
S: We might find person close to association who is in your time zone.
M: Personal take: association is driver. If we don’t have clarity of association, then we won’t be successful.
R: How does it affect local teams and how it strengthens OSCEdays?
G: Need to have meeting to discuss
M: Dates and timelines for event?
S: It’s under OSCEdays 2019 in forum. I suggested June 7 to 17th because there’s a flurry of activity at that time.
Maike said Berlin event is in Sept 2017
M: Could we use newsletter and judge by reaction?
S: Right. Also post in forum. Main website announcement as well. I don’t know how can handle.
M: I haven’t gotten too far on that one. If we send out on newsletter, who do they get in touch with?
S: THey post event on forum. They find us members on forum.
M: Event next steps - website - difficult to figure out how is in charge. Sylvia and I talked about it offline. I received info from Lars but haven’t followed up. Sylvia has tried contacting people with limited success. It’s an open issue. Ricardo said to ask Maike.
Start with newsletter, forum to promote dates. I offered to help with newletters. Ricardo will support with social media.
G: I contacted Free Knowledge Institute in Italy and Cosmolocalism EU project. This would be done as webcasts on June 7 and 17th. It would be good to have the OSCEdays Association ready for this.
S: I agree.
M: Mid april I will have resources for this.
S: What is relationship at large and association? We will ask Maike and Qing for clarity.
M: In next couple of days, do you have time to talk?
S: I’ll be at conference Thu to Sun in El Paso. I have a few minutes tomorrow.
S: Gien and Ricardo - 5 year reunion with founders? Good idea?
R: Good - it can realign some things - like the website use
M: I think it would be nothing to lose. We can acknowledge their importance, door is always open, talking about what we are doing and get their feedback.
S: It could be one of the events in June. Think about it.
G: Maybe contact the original people with the idea first. If we get commitment, then that be better.
M: I agree with Gien. I suggest I can volunteer to contact the top influencers from original group.
G: If we can make a theme and invite some other thought leaders to give incentive to the original group to come back.
M: If you can give me a list of influencers this week, I can contact them.
S: I will send you list of original founders on forum
M: I can get hold of some thought leaders and ask them for feedback
S: Reunion - reconnect with them -
G: Looking back , looking forward can be a theme that rreunite past members with new thought leaders
S: Need people to take up BoST call backup.
M: I took up responsibility in Feb but there were only 2 people on call.
I think that we have falling numbers and the key to increasing participants is the association.
S: Have to post agenda a week ahead, etc.
S: I also posted idea for a book. It’s on the forum. If I don’t get participation, I won’t go ahead.

Thanks for the minutes, sorry I again missed the call. Here’s the current update:
The annual meeting of the OSCE association takes place on the 13 May beacuse I realized that according to the stautes we need to email the members six weeks in advance, but then it does not matter how many of them actually show up. So it was not relevant to find out if anyone has the time, this is a formal matter. As it is a Monday I suggest we do the formal part for the German bureaucracy and then call a BoSt meeting.
I posted the invitation, including the acitivty and financial report, into the thread: http://community.oscedays.org/t/osce-association-founding-2018/6899/10
I’m afraid right now I don’t have time to translate it, maybe @Qing or @frugalacademy can do it? Main point: we don’t have the account yet because we’re missing signatures from @Qing . I’ll contact her on that to sort that out.

Next steps:

  • @transitionmaike will find out about options to have non-residents to Germanyas members and elect them into the official BoSt and as Chairpersons of the association
  • Qing needs to finish her part of setting up the account
  • Maike will then set up the Paypal account connected to it
  • @Silvia should then have the funds transferred as she has already been in touch with them.
  • We sort out responsibility for the platfrom operation (who will be the official contact person?)
  • We need texts explaning the purpose of the association and the difference between OSCE e.V. , OSCE community forum and OSCE local groups with activities and events such as OSCEdays 2019. Perferably in German, English and some other major languages such as Russian, Spanish, French and Mandarin.
  • @frugalacademy will traslate the statutes into English, together with Maike
  • We set up the website for OSCE e.V. (http://osce-ev.de/): we need someone capable and responsible for the technical side of that

I have a suggestion for a motto for OSCEdays 2019 based on @Lars2i talk at re:publica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdgGMJYK60s&feature=youtu.be
I find the framing through these questions very inspirational:

  • What if the city was a farm to feed us?
  • What if the city was a café (or any other social space)?
  • What if the city was …? (and let the local teams phrase their own most urgent question)

I think that taking a creative and playful approach and moving into the city with hacks has a lot of potential:

  • we don’t need a venue
  • it is more visible
  • we reach out beyond the usual crowd
  • we could connect to actors fromhttps://xrebellion.org/ to check out how civil disobedience and creative city hacking might go together to create beautiful and/ or disturbing pictures and stir debate with Open Source guides how to install whatever we end up doing (I would for example love to create pop-up zebra crossings like this one: http://www.gerhardlang.com/e_work_zebra.html
  • any city who doesn’t want to be quite as rebellious can stick to legal options or still do their hack at a venue
  • we can tap into what Lars has been doing for years now: http://community.oscedays.org/t/solution-hack-your-city-circular-with-the-city-is-open-source/
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