[BLOGPOST suggestion] The future of the OSCEdays, Guidelines and a Circular Economy Definition [PUBLISHED]

Why this blogpost? I think we should announce the meeting also in the blog especially to invite people to collaborate on the definition and the guidelines.

#The future of the OSCEdays, Guidelines and a Circular Economy Definition

From Sep. 24-27 a meeting was held to discuss the future of the OSCEdays. A detailed documentation is published here.

##An Association & Guidelines

One of the outcomes was that we need a legal entity to run and support future events and do a lot more community enabling projects. We decided that we will found with the support of the RFF a „Verein“ (=association) in germany.

For this association we need clear guidelines. We develop them together in the forum. A start is made. Please join the discussion.

##Voting Procedures

Another thing to discuss later on is voting procedures for the association. If you like to suggest anything, feel free to post it to the OSCEdays Future category. Discussions will start soon there.

##A Circular Economy Definition

We discovered that we need to create a better Circular Economy definition/description. None of the available definitions cover all important aspects or give clear guidance.

The open collaboration and discussion on that defintion has already started. We are happy about your inputs or endorsements.

##A New Event
People at the meeting decided to do a next global event from JUNE 9-14 2016. But the OSCEdays brand and platform is open for everyone to do similar events and work on challenges throughout the year.

##Platform Development

Some of us were discussing improvements of the platform/forum. Please join the discussion if you are interested in that.

##Call for a Fundraiser

All activities are happening pretty open in the forum and the best way to get involved is pretty obvious: just start to work there with us.

The only thing missing is fundraising. There is noone working in that capacity. To build the association and do future work we need funding. But we are lacking funds as well as fundraising skills. If you are willing to do that job and spend some of your time please get in touch with Lars, Tim & Erica.

More updates soon.

Published: https://oscedays.org/futures/