Bilbao Textile Node

Hi everyone, I present you what are we going to do in the circular, open source Textil Node in Bilbao, Spain. If anyone or other textil nodes around would like to connect with us…:slight_smile:

We are going to do:

Stories plaited 2016
Under the transnational OSCE days that we made this year in Bilbao, we launched the initiative Stories plaited 2016.

Goals :

create space for conversation between womencreate prototypes with recycled materials that can be replicatedtransmit knowledgecreate bridges between Brest-Bilbao-Lyon —document processes and objectsAnalyze and plan next steps

Participants :

Gabriela studied fashion design, marketing, and has worked in social innovation.

Karina, Garbi, Mirari, Janire part of Studio 14: a textile coworking
in Bilbao. Work textiles, accessories, give dressmaking, catering …

Qu HongYuan comes from Lyon, it is China, has a brand of accessories from recycled materials with urban art, 3rd Hand

Lydie comes from Brest, France, is the founder of the Girafe Poc a
structure dedicated to the design, the development and production in
limited series of textile products. The greatest value of the project is
circular and sustainable economy.



We work in the local territory and connect with others elsewhere
Stories , join us and deserve to be heard, read, shared
we are stories, memory, heritage
Women , we give and we are live
Braiding our lives
Recycling reuse trash and give value
visibility to connect
document to replicate and change COPY LOVE
travel: from the stories
empathize to understand