ACTION – Prototype A Circular Product MOD+Re+Co


Group: Jardineros
Product Carergory: Garden

  • Juliana Hernández
  • Sara Builes
  • Maria Camila Burgos
  • Juanita Lopez
  • Emma Fernandez
  • Vytautas Norkevicius

Hello we are Water collection
Members: Natalia Melo and Michelle Ariza
Category: Water collection
Description: This is a system that collects water waste from bathtubs in an apartment building and transports them to a filter in order to reuse water for cleaning the social area and watering the garden plants.

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Modreco.pdf (1.3 MB)

Connecting modules for a circular food-sanitation-agriculture-system

Group: Mambre
Product Category: Kitchen
-Ana María Vargas
-Mariana Marta
-María Daniela Villamil Rojas
-Paola Suárez
-Elena Jara
Description: This is a stove that has multiple functions: one is the water filter that works with a small mesh and another is the compartments that has to store some food. Depending what is the function, the system is going to change according to the needs of the person.

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Hello I am María Paula UrbinaBEAV Mod re co.pdf (3.7 MB)

The product name is BEAV
Category - Bird feed
Description - Is a modular bird drinker, adapted to any type of poultry, using three main modules that use different materials of low cost.


In the PDF below, we explain the function of every part (mod, re and co) of our project!
Funcionamiento y prototipos.pdf (2.1 MB)

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Hello, we are

An interdisciplinary team developing Decomposit, for the kitchen category.

BLUEGREEN.pdf (3.0 MB)

This is a container with two compartments destined to process household waste through crushing. This turns the residue of the organic material into compost and the plastic elements into plástic filaments that can be later on used or recycled.

The members of the team are:
Sebastián Cárdenas, Laura Londoño, Solé Mallol, Alberto Patiño, Laura Ramírez, Natalia Remolina, Nicolás Sanabria, María Camila Vélez y Andrés Felipe Yaya.

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MOD-Re-Co.pdf (2.8 MB)

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termo.pdf (436.8 KB)

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Proyecto de

Stifler.pdf (299.3 KB)
Stifler2.pdf (295.7 KB)
Stifler3.pdf (308.4 KB)
Stifler Modelos.pdf (344.1 KB)
Stifler Modelos 3.docx (516.9 KB)


It is a product for open spaces such as gardens or balconies that connects several materas for small plants of easy care, its structure are triangles with photocells in the upper edges that feed to a small LED bulb. Each module is connected to recycled PVC pipes that drain the water.


Hello we are Water collection
Members: Natalia Melo, Michelle Ariza y Lorena Castillo
Category: Water collection
Description: This is a system that collects water waste from bathtubs in an apartment building and transports them to a filter in order to reuse water for cleaning the social area and watering the garden plants.
ensamble.PDF (261.0 KB)
Sistema de agua .pdf (499.7 KB)

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@marioagc1995 check this out: Energie Für Alle

It is Open Hardware and based on the Open Structures Grid

Example from the instructions:

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Coffee table for rooms or studios where you will find a variety of plants to decorate the space, made by modules that allow the table to be assembled in different ways.


  1. Modules: It adapts to different forms and spaces, giving the option to make changes without buying new furniture giving the product a long useful life.

  2. More than one use:

  • Function: Table

  • Flowera: Decorate and purify air.

Materials: Recycled polymers

Production: 3D impression

Identity: Customizable colors

Concept: Furniture for different spaces, with a cost production, high functionality and under environmental impact.

Production Process:

  1. To gather plastic
  2. To crush it
  3. 3D impression

María Elvira Ortega, María Alejandra Roldán, Camila Cardozo, Cristhian Lagos, María Juliana Cortes, Oscar Rios, Alejandro Benavides.

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My proposal is a suitcase of materials, able to contain in an organized way the implements of daily use of a designer, in turn have their composition and manufacturing material think of a second useful life for it.
Prototype is on the way!
Manuela Ramírez

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My name is Nelson Pinzón
I’m alone in the group
I’m working with protection against rain for people who have movility problems and use crutches or wheelchairs


Another product from this course:


Eco - Drinks
Members: Maria Camila Mendez and Maria María Ceballos
Description: It is a machine that allows a person can make coffee and water with gas. The object has a main container, where the water is and on each side are the coffee dispenser and the water with gas. The coffee dispenser has a space for the coffee filter and has some plates that heated up so the coffee can come out hot, the plates work with solar panels. The gas-water dispenser has a space for a small gas tank. The tank collects the natural air from the environment and with the help of the solar panels makes it gas.

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