Your own art kit

Context: This topic and project was created as part of/reaction to the ACTION – Prototype A Circular Product MOD (modular), RE (recyclable/reusable) and CO (compostable, combustable) by students of a design university in Bogota.

Designed by:
Jennifer Requena
Javier Salazar
Sebastian Salerno
Angélica Hernández


MOD: the main piece is the folder in general, which is attached to all pockets and other items.

RE: When implementing modular pencil case it is possible to reduce the constant purchase of cartridges and boxes of colors

CO: the material of the pockets and pencil case will be capable of biodegradation, and to obtain a discount in a new following model, the previous model must be delivered and a tree or plant will be planted with it.

this idea consists of an object that allows the artist to go out to paint in the place that he wants, comfortably, carrying with him the necessary elements to perform his works.

when you open it, you will find a space to locate worksheets and also will be located around some guides that allow the artist a better precision.

On the other side, you will find a notepad and a pocket for scissors, erasers, etc.

finally, in the middle is located a cylinder that holds inside a pencil case, which allows to modulate to another by means of a system of union.

further has a support system included, that allows to place the folder at the angle that the artist wants and thus be used as a drawing table.

Here is the final product sketching of our idea

In this image is the process and evolution of our idea