Workshop: Zero Waste Basics

Who are we

I am a social entrepreneur living in Berlin and promoting the zero waste lifestyle. I conduct workshops for individuals striving to implement sustainability and fun into their everyday life and consult companies/event organisers on how to act sustainably while planning/carrying out big events like music festivals.

What will we do?

I am going to share the basics on how to lead a fun and easy zero waste lifestyle. We are going to discuss options for everyday items that would regularly produce trash and you are going to learn how to make your own all natural, vegan toiletries and cleaning products from only 5 ingredients.

Time, Place & Supplies


Thursday, June 14, 17:15

@Infralab WS1, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

As I already made plans to be abroad during the weekend before finding out about this event, I am only available all day on Thursday.

I need a room with a white wall to project something on and access to a kettle to boil some water. That’s all. The session lasts for 3 hours.


Laura Konieczny,

Open Resources

I’m sharing ideas on simple steps towards a more wastefree life in my podcast: Zero Waste Your Life


Hi Laura,

thanks for this. Would you also be willing to offer this WS in german? (Just in case)

Really cool that you are offering this!

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To the session provider


Here is your briefing with info about tickets and your contribution to the Circular Berlin exhibition. Pls. check. And get in touch with questions of any kind.