WORKSHOP TUTORIAL – Business Models for Open Source Circular Economy


When talking about Open Source a question you get all the time is for the Business Models that work with it.

The answer to the question “How to set up a business with Open Source” is not immediately obvious to a lot of people in our current economy.

And so I decided to create a SIMPLE WORKSHOP TOOL to bring people into the right mindset and make them ask the right questions to find and invent an Open Source Business Model and product for a Circular Economy.

We decided to make this a global challenge for the OSCEdays: To use the tool and improve it together. Everyone is invited to join it. Here is how:

#The Challenge
We invite you with this challenge to take a look at the tool (& the VIDEOS explaining it) and run a workshop with it at your local events. Here is the tool and a complete description about it and Open Source and Business in general:

The Open Platform Design Flowchart (full tool + explanations)


And here is how to participate in the global challenge:

##STEP 1: Announce the Workshop (& Study the Tool)
Study the tool. There is a full text as explanation published. In the coming weeks there might also come some videos online. But everything is ready to be studied and understood already.

Before you announce your workshop you can study the resource already in depth. But you can also start doing that together with your participants in the workshop. Plan for 3 to 4 hours.

##STEP 2: Run the Workshop
In the workshop take an existing project, business or idea of your choice and try to remap it as an open source (and circular) project by using the Open Platform Design Flowchart Tool.

You can print out the tool or write on a board or peace of paper and work with post its for example.

Please take notes of all the questions that pop up regarding the tool that you can’t solve by looking at the initial resource for the tool. (This will help to “debug” the tool and create a better version.)

Update: here is a more elaborated description of how to run the workshop with the tool.

##STEP 3: Publish Your Findings
Publish your version(s) of the Open Platform Design Flowchart below in the thread. (Just drag and drop you pictures into a comment “Reply”) along with a short explanation of what you have been developing.

And please publish also the notes about the problems you had when working with the tool. This will help to full fill the second purpose of this challenge - to improve the tool.

Thanks for participating.

Looking forward to your findings.


@TechnicalNature shared the “Circular Design Canvas”

And here is a first example

Here are two pictures from examples we created in Vienna in May 2016. We used the tool “wrong” because we used it to invent entire new projects starting from very unclear ideas. The original purpose of the tool is to re-invent and existing and mostly understood project as open source. But still the participants were happy and said they learned a lot about what to think about when setting up an open source business model.

One of the outcomes and potential idea for improving the tool was, that you could answer the square 5 (Channels) directly after square 2 (Roles & Actions). So you already have a better idea of the ecosystem before you ask yourself about Benefits in 3 & 4. But the tool is not for linear work anyway.

(Sorry for the low picture quality. The examples are in german.)

A few more from workshops in Berlin

(btw. The videos for the tool are finally online.)

IKEA reinvented as Open Source by @seigorobinson for a 2017 Disruptive Innovation talk. A detailed explanation for all the “Post-Its” can be found in THIS PUBLIC DOCUMENT.

Detailed written explanation for this example located HERE.

And here in this video is an explanation of it as well:

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