WORKSHOP: Design.Think.Green, a Sustainable Design Thinking Workshop



Who are we / Wer sind wir ?

At Protellus, we help others with their sustainable venturing by teaching innovative and user-centered tools such as Design Thinking.
You can find more information about us here

What will we do / Was werden wir machen ?

Goals of the workshop: learn Sustainable Design Thinking methodologies as a tool to develop meaningful and viable ideas and foster teamwork.

Participants will be charged 15 euros for material.

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung

For the workshop, we need a large room, a few tables, and ideally a beamer. The session can last between 1h30 and 2h.

Contact / Kontakt

Please contact me for any questions, comment, remarks: I am open to discussion :slight_smile:

Contact person: Aurélie Ferron
Tel: +49 1792442547

Open Resources / Offenes Wissen

We have written a few articles about Design Thinking and sustainability here.

PROGRAM - OSCEdays Berlin 2018