Workshop 15.6 @OSCE for co-creation of OS approaches to communicating with white goods/domestic appliances

White goods/electrical domestic appliances do not interface with end-users well and do not allow interrogation on their status (diagnosis, durability, wear & tear). Manufacturers program their appliances in proprietary or other none Open Source code. Can we propose alternative approaches? Can we design both from a consumer’s but also a manufacturer’s side, an open-source interface, which enables end-users to extract purposeful information, e.g. # of cycles performed, status of parts or consumables, prediction of further life-span. It could also be used for testing, validating and possibly maintaining appliances. Could this become a standard (the Linux of white goods) and therefore contribute to durability and Circular Economy?

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Hi @alexisfigeac

Is this a suggestion for OSCEdays Berlin 2018. Looks like it. Our program is already full but we might be able to squeeze you in. Could you provide us with some more infos about your workshop following the structure proposed here: