Who and what are we designing for?

When we leave it to the OSCEdays community to decide which Challenge to take on, we should keep in mind, that this community is not representative of the population as a whole (we are most likely younger, more affluent and better educated, less likely to be parents, working full time or caring for sick or elderly… ).
We should therefore ask ourselves: How relevant is my Challenge to my society (locally) and mankind (globally) in taking on the biggest challenges of our time, such as dealing with climate change, peak oil and peak phosphate. How can our Challenges help to adjust our economy to still serve well (or better than today) the basic human needs? And how can we include the perspectives and needs of those who don’t have the time, money and education to join us in the community, online or offline, when we design our Challenges and discuss our solutions?

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hi @transitionmaike
this is a good question or suggestion. do you suggest to create a blogpost around it for our blog?

yes, that’s why I posted it here. I thought that might be a good topic for a post, but I don’t have the time to elaborate properly on it right now.