Where to find expertise on Open Source methodologies?

For our Open Source Circular Economy Day in Eindhoven, we are looking for someone that can share expertise on Open Sorce methodologies. The theme of our event will be creating values by applying Open Source methodologies to accelerate Circular Economy in large companies. Is there anyone who can direct us to an expert/page/theory that clearly defines Open Source in both narrow as well as broad perspectives?

Hi @Fitria, Sam @cameralibre and me @Lars2i did a video on Open Source and started a collection of links. This might be a good start.

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@Fitria, once you have had a look at those resources, if you have any further questions, we are very happy to answer them, give suggestions or send you in the right direction - just ask here on the forum.

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Hi @Lars2i, Thank you very much for sharing the video :smile: It will definitely be a great start. However, we are still in need of a guest speaker that can help us shape our challenges according to the Open Source methodologies. Having an expert at our event will also be resourceful for our attendees to grasp the values that Open Source can generate while accelerating the Circular Economy. I have tried contacting Peter Troxler, as I mentioned before via email, however, he has not yet replied. Also I tried calling the telephone number of Fablab and the operator could not direct me to Peter Troxler, because they can only answer questions about Hogeschool of Rotterdam or Fablab. They did not have any contact information of Peter Troxler. Is it possible to live stream an interview/speech with one of the organizers who has expertise in Open Source methodologies during our event on the 12th of June?

Hi @cameralibre, thank you for your reply. As I mentioned before, we are still in need of a guest speaker who can share expertise on Open Source methodologies. The presence of an expert will definitely be resourceful and valuable for the attendees of our event. If you could direct me to a person with this specific knowledge who is willing and available to prepare a speech or presentation regarding general Open Source methodologies, I will be most grateful.

I am happy to do a video call/presentation with you about open source (your event is Friday afternoon, right?).
Of course, all of our schedules are very busy during this period, so it would need to be relatively short.
I can do a 10 minute introduction to the open source concept in general + 10 minutes on what open source could mean for a company like Philips + 10 minutes time for specific questions from your participants. Let me know if this would be suitable.

I’ll also look into potential open source experts in the Eindhoven region who might be able to attend in person.

Hi @Fitria , Think @trox is on here as well so may be able to get in contact via this forum or point you in the direction of others in the area.

Another possibility could be to send your request to OSHWA - the open source hardware association. http://www.oshwa.org/ They are mostly located in the US but they could know just the right person.

But Sams offer is quite great though i think.

Hi @cameralibre, thank you so much for your offer! This is a great idea. Could we align and discuss via email or Google Hangout? If you would share your email address with me, I can send you the brief outline of our event, so we can take it further from there.