What Is 'Open Source Circular Economy'? (Cory Doctorow Version)


I think… I found Cory Doctorow (!) explaining Open Source Circular Economy! Which is super cool! He is not as clear here as he often is but clear enough (he probably has not spend too much time reflecting about this thought). It is really really nice. In case you don’t know who Cory Doctorow is yet, I really recommend to change that. (He is for sure in the top 5 of my current living heroes!)

Start at 25:32 - it last for about 5 minutes.

Spimes (a bit of a privacy problem I guess… but still)

@BoST @cameralibre make sure to check this!

Update When you are done with the video above and want to continue with Cory Doctorow, start here:

And if you want to find out about the progress he made on the question he raised in the talk above continue here:

(That is probably the two key things about ‘Open Source Circular Economy’

  1. Equality – ‘everyone can be a lord’ – left wing view of the world &
  2. More effective coordination)

Interesting or sounding interesting (spimes and all), but I do not trust libertarians with any good idea or intent. Same for science fiction writers, sorry about that. And of course, I am never impressed by technological solutions, what we lack is values to sustain the commons.

  1. Equality - neither peasant or lord, although when it comes to survival, guess whom I would rely on to know how to make it alive. Something in the middle with the best traits of both, if we find any in lords.

  2. The more profound challenge for us is to find an economic and living model that finds the balance between to have and to be, (see Erich Fromm "To Have or To Be). A balance that puts us back in place, as one species among millions others, that perpetuate life, not destroy it in order to have gadgets, trinkets and gazillion other stuff with zero biological and social value.

To be continued tomorrow.


True. I don’t buy every word or concept either.

But the fact that a thinker and activist like Cory Doctorow lands in his thinking on something like OSCE … I like it.

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Even Ursula Le Guin? She’s gigantic. I’m a huge fan. But, I guess I don’t need to trust her and she’s probably more of a fantasy writer anyway. :slight_smile:

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I think the fact that he (and others) are circulating ideas of a similar direction and analysis to me means that the time for such ideas is ripe. OSCE is one iteration on the theme of how to use open source to create a sustainable system of providing life’s necessities to people without wrecking the planet: circular economies.

And I like Le Guin as well, but she’s utopian and we need to be realistic.

Who or what is “Le Guin”. Do you have a good link? I’d be interested.

Ursula K. Le Guin, SiFi-Author. My son has “The Dispossessed”. I’m sure you can borrow it

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She has written with superb intellect and foresight on the woes of our times. I would recommend “The Lathe of Heaven” and “The Left Hand of Darkness”. Sadly she died just recently.

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