What is new in OSCEdays 2017

‘What is new in OSCEdays 2017?’ - I got this question already twice. So I paste the answer I gave here for everyone and the next time the question pops up :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

##What is new?

Our goal is to improve the open documentation of solutions and with this longterm the collaboration between different locations.

###New Signing Up Process
Therefor: We have a new process to sign up. There are no onboading skype calls anymore but you have to fill out a form on our forum. So local organisers already used the forum and create a document about there event after signing up.

We changed the concept from “Challenges” to “Actions”. Actions are predifined Step-by-Step protocols instructing practical action on open source circular economy solutions. This comes from what we learned in the past two iterations. People already struggle to understand circular economy. OS on top was way to much for many. So a lot of the challenges were out of scope. Many people did not really understood why to document or how. An ACTION you can pick from the shelf and play with it locally and it already opens doors of documentation and connection. The OSCEdays want to grow a collection of such ACTIONS.

But the “Challenge” concept of last year still works equally fine, because there is an ACTION called “Set Up An Individual Challenge and Document It”.

###Writers Weekends!
And one of the really exiting news is that we will have a series of smaller events every month in the run up to the main event in June. Those events are dedicated to document solutions - to create ACTIONS - and therefor content to use in the local evens. This events are called “Writers Weekends” and the first one will be already on March 4-5.

We hope to use this events to get more excitement about the global event in the months before.

###Open For Suggestions
With this new concepts we implement what we learned and have the goal to increase the quality and impact of the event for those who are really dedicated to the mission.

And as always we are open for suggestions.

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