What is a READ ME?

In an Open Source Software or Hardware Project the READ ME file is the first one new arrivals to the project should read. The READ ME contains basic information on how to install the software and how the whole project and its contribution process is structured and also tells something about the objectives.

In this forum and in the OSCEdays we use this/suggest to use this technique to make organisational processes and structures transparent – as part of an Open Source workflow for organizing a community. A READ ME for a local event could show people what you do and make it easier for them, to help you/join you. Using the forum for your communication allows to shift a lot of things out of email and onboard people later easily without explaining the same things over and over again – just point them to the right threads.

###Examples for groups that use READ MEs in this forums are:

The Berlin OSCEdays15 READ ME

The London OSCEdays15 READ ME

The global OSCEDays15 READ ME


screenshot of a README link in Git.

Hi @Lars2i!
I’ve used your READ ME FIRST Berlin as template for the Barcelona one. Thanks for writing all the documentation as a guide for the rest of the cities :smile:
How can I pin the READ ME FIRST - OSCEdays Barcelona to appear at the top of Barcelona category?

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I pinned it for you. There is a screw-wrenched image on the right side of the screen where you can find that option. But maybe you don’t have the necessary rights, yet. I will rank you up a bit. So that you also can create wikiposts.

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Hi @Lars2i!
I’ve checked and the wrench button doesn’t appear in any of the topics I create, when I click on the … [show more] button it only shows the trash button. May be I’m not doing it in the proper way… can you check if I can create wikiposts? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Makea I granted you Moderation rights. Have a look, if it is working now. And use the powers wisely. :slight_smile:

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