Welcome to the OSCEdays event in Dubai 2017!

DUBAI 2.0 - ITS ON :v:

#We Are

Hi there :slight_smile:

We are a network of environmentalists and entrepreneurs which already organized OSCE events in Dubai, Islamabad and Seattle in 2016. We love the idea of the growing OSCE network and would be glad if you join us for the organization, the marketing, the moderation or just as participant of the planned second OSCE event in Dubai!

The team so far consists of the BlackForest Solutions Team, a German waste management startup, based in Berlin and active in the MENA region and SE-Asia. With our local partners, we have a strong local setup with a great environmental understanding and attitude as well as the experience of setting up big scale events. We would be more than happy to welcome more companies, startups or individuals in our team to create a great event for Dubai!

#We Will

Important: This is the start of organizing discussion for the second OSCE event in Dubai. Last year we had a great first event, facilitated by the chamber of commerce in Dubai, thanks again! This year, we would love to initiate hands-on workshops to promote the idea of recycling and upcycling of household wastes in the UAE.

Just some initial ideas from our side:
Dubai is clean. But what happens to the waste? We would like to raise the public awareness regarding the collection and treatment process of their wastes, in order to promote ideas like source segregation, recycling and upcycling processes.

#Date & Location

Location: In negotiation with several facilities in Dubai right now, most likely at the Chamber of Commerce
Date: OSCE Event, 23 May 2017 (duration to be discussed)


To be discussed together.
Based on our experiences from last year, I propose to have workshops and hands-on-topics instead of discussions only.


Feel free to contact us:

Aruna Narayanan