Welcome to the OSCEdays event for JAKARTA 2017!


#We Are

Hi there :slight_smile:

We are a network of environmentalists and entrepreneurs which already organized OSCE events in Dubai, Islamabad and Seattle in 2016. We love the idea of the growing OSCE network and would be glad if you join us for the organization, the marketing, the moderation or just as participant of the planned OSCE event in Jakarta!

The team so far consists of the BlackForest Solutions Team, a German waste management startup, based in Berlin and active in the MENA region and SE-Asia. We would be more than happy to welcome more companies, startups or individuals in our team to create a great event for Jakarta!

#We Will

Important: This is the start of organizing discussion for the first ever OSCE event in Jakarta. Last year we learned a lot through our other event. One important thing is to connect to local activists and groups for the subject and schedule discussion. So this here will be free to discuss for everybody willing to join the team.

Just some initial ideas from our side:
We would like to analyze and improve the situation of waste pickers especially in Jakarta. What about waste & art? Upcycling at its best. Or: Organizing cleansing and upcycling days with schools, universities and activists - we love Jakarta for what it is, but there is still room for improvement :wink:

#Date & Location

Location: In negotiation with several university campuses in Jakarta right now, still open for new proposals & recommendations
Date: Global OSCE Event, 03 - 06 August 2017 (duration to be discussed)


To be discussed together.
Based on our expierences from last year, I propose to have workshops and hands-on-topics instead of discussions only.


Feel free to contact me:

Kevin Negoro Kasih

Skype: cavvkar

Hey Kevin and team!
This is Gien with OSCE Days. Iā€™m on the Board of Stewards but also organize events for South Africa. Great to have Jakarta onboard!

Will you be sharing your analysis on the OSCE Days website? Looking forward to what processes you work out there to our communities here.

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Hi Gien,

thank you for welcoming us :slight_smile:
Yes sure, we will try to find a suitable documentation structure from beginning on this year. Last year we tried video/audio transmission but due to technical issues this did not really work well.

So we will think about a format to record all workshops, discussions and outcomes in a comprehensive way and upload them on the OSCE Days website.

How do you plan the data/analysis records and solution/process descriptions?

All the best,

Hi guys, short update:

Due to Ramadan etc. we amended the event dates to:

03 - 06 August 2017

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Dear all,

with regret we most likely have to cancel our organization approach for Jakarta this year.
Although we shifted the date after Ramadan, we could not find supporting partner through any channel.

If someone reads this willing to actively support the OSCEdays in Jakarta, please reply or send me a PM - otherwise we most likely will need to shift the first participation for Jakarta to 2018!

All the best,

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