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Hello! we hope you are doing great with your challenge. Here is OSCEdays Varambon, we need help with a simple technical question: how much potential energy is stored per kg or cubic meter of green waste? Any tips for documentation? thanks.

It depends on the green waste and things like water content.
For a biogas reactor digesting poop the power is something like 6.9 kWh per litre of biowaste

Just copy pasted from some spreadsheets we had on modelling biogas production for a population of 50k maybe…
Biogas production
110,348.44 kg/day [5]
220,696.88 l/day
6.90 kWh/l biogas
1,522,808.50 kWh/day
1,522.81 MWh/day
63.45 MW power production

9.69 kWh/person/day
other research [6]
0.5 m3/kg TS
55174.2 m3/day
biogas producing rate (humans - poop) [6]

5 dimensioning a biogas reactor http://www.sswm.info/sites/default/files/reference_attachments/BRC%20ny%20Design%20Biogas%20Plant.pdf
6 POO DENSITY http://www.ircwash.org/sites/default/files/321.4-85EM-2161.pdf

@Alice_audrey, @Sylke - do either of you have any suggestions for finding out more about this?

thank you so much! we will use that and share the results

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@cameralibre @TeamVarambon I think the fair response is “that depends”… since biowaste is not homogenous and there are different types of biowaste a kg of it will always have a different energy value. Therefor it is really crucial for you to be aware of which types of biowaste you are talking about.

Here may be a good link which may be able to serve as orientation for your challenge. It gives an overview into different types of biowaste and their energy values:

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@Sylke asked the experts at Veolia - the answer provided was

6.9kWh per 1000 litres of biogas, and in order to produce 1000 litres of biogas, you need 5 cubic metres of poop.