Visit by 'R-Urban'-project from Paris

On Sunday 14.6.2015 we had a spontaneus visit by a great Project from Paris: R-Urban.

They told us about their problems with the municipality due to a change in the local political situation. Their lease was ended and they have to move the project. Contracts are also broken, so the cooperative housing project has no longer the support of the local city administration. The plan is to replace the project by a car park for temporary parking. This means that about 200 people will loose the jobs they do in the projects, most of them are from social lower class in the area. Therefore the project cannto move outside of the area, as was suggested by the local government.
Background is that the local politicians may feel threatened by the project because it is a place where peope can emancipate and then they won’t vote for the party, and also the mayor is 79 (older generation) and his wife has a company that demolishes buildings. This might explain this irrational political and ideological goal of destroying the project.

There is a European contract to encourage and help the project with public money. The project leaders are now searchigng for platforms for legal support and support with the European Commission.

Suggested strategies:

@transitionmica @Alice_audrey

I definitely like both of your strategies which I would resume in Alice s case more like a de-escalating negotiation and in Maike s case a rather clever multi-party negotiation approach.

Be it for the deescalating strategy or any other possibly more conflictive strategy it would in my opinion be crucial to get counselling from a law firm and as the case connects the environent with social issues I see the chances of getting pro-bono support as quite probable.

I will research a little bit for contacts in France and Germany and as it was mentioned that French and European law is conflicting in this case; we would preferably need somebody with experience in both law types.

Possible contacts are:
FR (need to apply for help, but fits perfectly)


DE / Belgium
Charles-Albert Helleputte T +32 2 551 5982 / Dr. Malte Richter, LLM T +49 69 79 41 1657

Feel more than free to complete!

Many thanks for all these inputs and useful info. We agree we need legal advice in any case.
Does anyone also know good petition on line models and good places to publish the case (including journalists contacts)?