Types of Challenges and meta-challenge-tags

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I created a text about general types of challenges. We can transform them into tags. I tried to be very short and general in order to have not to much challenge-styles and tags. Take a look at it. Are these the right tags? Is something missing?

I suggest to discuss this here and then edit the text over there.

Can we use ‘doc-jam’ as a tag instead of ‘documentation jam’, or is it unclear what it is?
When we are more in the flow of this event, I can imagine the phrase ‘doc jam’ being used in general conversation more than ‘documentation jam’ but to those unfamiliar with it they might think we’re talking about some kind of sweet preserve made of plump, delicious doctors.
is it more important for a tag to be short and memorable, or more important for it to explain its purpose?

hi, jeap, you are right. i had docu-jam - changed it because i thought, it might be not clear enough. But it will be. - Edit it it back in right away.