[TUTORIAL] – Add Something To The Event Program

Hi, thank you for adding to the program of your local Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) event.

To add your contribution to the program we like to ask you to create a topic about it on this forum. OSCEdays is an experiment about global open collaboration. With your posting you are already a part of it.

Don’t worry. The forum might look complicated at first but it isn’t. It is built with the open source forum software Discourse, which is the leading forum software for Open Source projects. It is probably good to learn. You are always in control and can delete your topic or make changes to it.

Below is a step by step tutorial how to post your topic. You can also start with this video tutorial about the forum.

#Step 1 - Sign Up To The Forum

Click on the top right of this page to sign up to the forum. If you have a Facebook account use it to sign in (the sign up process will you present that option). This is easy. You won’t have to remember a password for example then. The can’t post on your facebook page and does not pull any data from there.

#Step 2 - Create A Topic

Enter one of the green categories on top of the frontpage of the forum for example food, energy or materials.

Pick the category that fits your contribution best. Once in the category click on the top right on “Create new topic”. This will open up a window, where you can enter text. Don’t worry, you can change things anytime.

#Step 3 - Enter A Title

First thing you should do is to enter a title on top. Mention in the title the format of your contribution and try to find a name that describes what you are do. Two examples:

‘Workshop – Grow Mushrooms In The City’

‘Hands On Session – Build A Precious Plastics Shredder’

#Step 4 - Enter A Body Text

Copy the text from the grey box below into your topic. It is the template for your topic.

##Who are we

enter text

##Short Description

enter text


enter text


enter text

The “#” at the beginning of a line transforms it into a headline. This is called “Markdown” formatting. You can learn more about Markdown here.

Once you entered the text into the topic start to replace „enter text“ under the headlines with own information.

Some Content Suggestions

###“Who are we”

One or two short sentences about you + a link to a website (if you have one). You can also add an image of your team or a logo.


###“Short Description”

A short summary of what you are going to do or present at the event. Something between 50 and 200 words. Upload an image if you have one.

Do you know the time you will do the activity at your local event? Let us know here. If not leave it empty till you know.


This is the important part. Do you use or know about high quality open resources - websites, videos, online courses etc – on your activity? Pick the best resources and share the links here. If you have created own resources make it a priority of course. It is this part that will make it interesting to look at your topic also in a couple of years!

If you have resources only on your own computer you can upload them somewhere on the net or directly into your topic - share images, documents, explanations, tutorials and so on.

##Step 5 - Engage in interaction

Your topic will be added (linked to) from the event program. Maybe people will ask questions under it or make suggestions. Click on “Reply” to answer if you like to.

Thanks for playing!

This is a for global use simplified version of the tutorial from OSCEdays Berlin 2017.

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