Things to do the first weekend of April

Hi @unteem & @cameralibre

could you take care of this:

###(1) MENUE
change the menue. As discussed earlier with Sam, i think we need only 3 things:
Challenges - links to the challenge-tag-page
Tags - links to the tag-overview-page
OSCEdays 2015 Website - links to the page

Don’t know where to put it, but there should somewhere be a license remark, that every time you post to the forum (text! we can’t make sure that this will be the case with pictures) you agree that it is under a create commons attribution share alike license - Wikipedia has a remark like this.

If possible please let’s put the Challenge category back on top where it was. It contains the most important info for forum newbies and is for all the others a good reminder, what this place is about.

Now that we changed our system and have city-categories we don’t need the city tags anymore. They are confusing i guess. Don’t know how to delete them. Maybe you could take care of it.

###(5) LOGO
I guess we should create and upload a logo that does not have the “15” in it. Maybe just without the “15” or someone adds there a “C” - for community. We should not emphasize to much on the event to make sure that this place will be there also after this first event.

ok, i am on vacation for Easter. Will be back online on monday. Have some nice days.

Ah, one idea. The licsense remark could go to the “Welcome to this forum” note that is shown to newbies. I have it also in the “How to post a challenge”. So with this 2 i think we would be covered.

ah, it is late and I was confused - I replied to the notification of this comment as if it was an email… sorry. oh well, copy/pasting:

  1. Tim knows best how to do this.
  2. I can link to the FAQ in General Discussion, and also in the intro text - it has the license remark in it. we can also link to a license remark in the footer maybe.
  3. done.
  4. What city tags? I don’t see any?
  5. Logo - I can sort this out on the weekend.

For the new menu. I have a few remarks.

OSCEdays 2015 Website isn’t it a bit too long? about should do it? or story (that’s how they did it on fairphone, i like it).
What do you think about having blog too?

Hi, jeap, it works.

But the idea was, when we say that it is the webpage for this event, it is clear, that there is room for future events. We could always link to the events that are ahead from the forum menue.

thing should not link to the challenge category but to the Challenge tag - it shoud give an overview about all the challenges:


btw. Indoneisa just joined! yeah

the menu - when i click on “Challenges” and on “Tags” i opens up a new tag. I think it should stay the same tag.

And the challenge link still needs to be the tag, not the category.

…do you mean a new tab?

Link for categories is changed + now it does not open in a new tab (I took it away for all links but i can keep it for about and blog if you want)

I also changed the “about” to “OSCEdays 2015 Website”. I don’t really like how it looks.

Hi, thanks,
yes, i was totally with you., “OSCEdays 2015 Website” does not look good. Actually i liked your “About” idea. Think it worked. Don’t mind if you change it back.

I also find ‘OSCEdays 2015 Website’ too long. What about just ‘OSCEdays 2015’

I think it makes sense for the links to and to open in new tabs, as you’re leaving the forum.
‘Tags’ and ‘Challenges’ should open in the original tab.

One more thing for the header - is it possible to change the weight of the font from Raleway Bold (or is it semi-bold?) to Raleway so that it looks more like the header? (or is it Raleway Light?)

jeap, i agree with Sam. And i also would like to suggest to change the order:

Challenges | Tags | Blog | OSCEdays 2015

Cause Challenges are the most important thing i guess.