The size of a city and one million cities in the world!

Hi dear Core Team and interested OSCEdays developers.

Today a very interesting question popped up that we never discussed. Someone came up with the motivation to become a local organizer for an OSCEdays event and a really great challenge but she lives in a small village with 360 people and would host her event there.

She asked and we should ask ourselves – how to proceed with that? Should we add the name of this small village to the organizing cities or …

I mean, if the OSCEdays goes on and more and more cities appear … The world has a million cities (or so ;-). Too many categories! Where to draw the line?

#3 ideas for that
I see 3 possibilities for that. And I am curious about yours.

We sum up smaller villages and cities under the next big city.

We give the small village an own category. Why not? And if the network is growing we sum different places – pull them together in one name. So one day “Augsburg” and “Berlin” become “Germany” for example.

Basically a mixture of 1 & 2. We name it after the small town but put the name of the big one next to it to make it easier for an international crowd to identify it. Example: "BRINDAS | LYON"
Later, if everything grows we can pull things together: “BRINDAS | LYON”, “BALAN | LYON” & “JONS | LYON” become just “LYON”.

I vote for solution number 3 :sunny:

But what do you think?

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Yeah, I also vote for option 3, the Easyjet airport-naming technique.

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Do you remember this post in the OSCEdays fb group way on February 11? Just keeping the two points made here for reference.

'Hi to all. I’d like to make a comment reading about the concept of OSCE. I think restricting the focus on the city context is problematic. There is indeed a global stream of population moving towards cities, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s desirable for the society we envision. Especially monstrous cities (like Athens) disables the population from having access to the empowering natural capital. That’s not the only effect of course, but it’s quite important from a community economic-empowerment perspective. I’d like for others to equally consider the rural context for a OSCE. Have a look at a presentation from Vinay Gupta touching on the topic:'

‘I second that a holistic approach like the Transition Town movement is great, and it combines both. Your comment about the concept of OSCE is a valid point, but I don’t see a definite restriction here - rather a focus to not get lost in the wide range of sustainable future topics wink emoticon
Just like the Rural Hub, Open Source Ecology et cetera are focussing explicitly on the rural aspect.’

jeap, we switched to call it after the small villages anyway. It is now Varambon. I think, this could be a pretty good signal. for now.