The Agianis resilience project

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I am Christiana Gardikioti this is my vision. I want to make the village a HUMAN LAB for people to engage in the making of a new community that will serve as an example of a new Era village. Its GNP measurement will include Platos definition of “eudaimonia or WELLENSS” Pivotal to implementation is the creation of a virtual 1050 Global membership community Please join us. I am teh Chief W5 Officer because I dropped the E(go) and made it to a WE. Why work at this endeavor is essential, Wellness is the key motivator, World is our stage although we work in Rural remoteness and building bridges with urban population and it is Woman lead. I have called mentors and I got the best of the best: Mr Sheridan Tatsuno, Dr Pauli Gunter, Mr Kevin Jones, Mr Peter Block, Ms Anna Blume and Bert Ola Bergstand of Socap Mr Mark Anielski of Genuine to name only few and my absolutely fantastic team back home…
I want to serve on the Board of Directors and I am making myself available for all communciation specially via SKYPE : xrisgar Looking forward to becoming an engaged speaker and player in your efforts as well Christiana Gardikioti