Tech Support (how to get help with the OSCEdays platform)

Need help with anything tech-related?
If you have questions or difficulty with any parts of the OSCEdays site, we are here to help.

The site has 4 parts (so far): (this Discourse forum) (the Wordpress website) (collaborative Etherpad documents) (shared ownCloud folders)

##Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Search the forum for similar issues (search icon :mag:at top right).
It’s likely that someone else has already struggled with the same problem.

2. If you can’t find anything, make a new topic in the category ‘Global OSCEdays Teams > Platform Development’.

3. Give it a specific, descriptive name - “site doesn’t work” isn’t a helpful title. “Problem embedding videos in the forum” tells people a lot more about the issue, meaning people who might be able to help will have a look. It also helps other people who may later be searching the forum (see step 1.)

4. Explain your issue clearly - has this problem been happening for a long time? does this problem always occur, or just sometimes? Does it happen in other web browsers? Have you already tried anything to solve it?

5. If you need help with using any of the website software, i.e. you don’t know how to upload a file, or you don’t have permission to access a certain page, or you don’t know where to find a particular function, then you should type @unteem or @cameralibre (or both) and we will change into our fake superhero costumes and try to solve the problem with you.
If the issue is more related to server problems, i.e. if you can’t load pages, you’re getting error messages like 504: Bad Gateway or you notice the site is down for a long period of time… well, then you will need a real superhero: @pierreozoux

6. Once you have explained your issue, and pinged me, Tim or Pierre, (and checked that your explanation is really as clear as it can be) you can add a ‘support’ tag to your post. When you’re writing your post, you will see a section below your text and above ‘Create Topic’, where you can add tags. Type ‘support’, hit enter, and click ‘Create Topic’.

We’ll come to the rescue as soon as we can!