[TEAM] Funding & Sponsorship Berlin


we are Lars @Lars2i and Alice @Alice_audrey working on finding sponsors & funding for our local Berlin event (as well as for the global one). And we need your help.

Do you have ideas for potential sponsors or – even better – contacts? Please let us know by posting in this thread. The more specific the information is (person, department, field of interest) the better.

But: Some sponsor or contact information is sensitive and should not go to a public thread. Please send these via Email: zimmermann.lars@email.de

We are also very happy if you want to offer more help with the sponsor & funding task and join us in it. Just let us know.

We will share more details about the process soon.

Current Sponsorship Brochures
DEUTSCH - OSCEdays Broschüre.pdf
OSCEdays Brochure March15.pdf

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Hi @Alice_audrey
Checked our Sponsor-Deals with Berlin Partner & Veolia today. We are good for now. There is more stuff to deliver to them, but all of it is due after the event. For now we can freely focus on the event itself.

btw. the document to monitor the deals is in the “legal” cloud folder.