[TEAM 2016] - FUNDRAISING & PARTNERSHIP team OSCEdays Berlin 2016

Public topic of the Fundraising and Partnership team for the OSCEdays 2016 in Berlin.



  • You (ping us or contact us if you want to join the team or have questions.)


  • GENERAL REMARK: Most of the resources will not be public because they contain personal data of partners. But you can join the team and then you will get access of course.


##Information on Fundraising for OSCEdays16 in Berlin

###Get your Own Sponsors for a Subevent
As stated in the Call for Challengers and Subevents the OSCEdays Berlin 2016 is an open platform event. You can use it to create your own little subevent within the event - and you can get your own sponsors and partners for it. We share all kinds of resrouces (like sponsorship brochures) with you to enable that. Interested? Please get in touch with the team.