[TASK] - WEBSITE - London Sub-page development


I’m updating the London OSCEdays sub-page as we go and as plans form

  • few things that would be nice - header pic in this OSCEdays style @Grit ideas?
  • Thoughts on clarity/ UX - we’ll have multiple places this year and overarching themes/ topics to choose from
    @sharmarval - how did you do the style last year with the drop down challenges when you click on?
  • Photos if want to be part of the team (send them my way to add), supporters, partners (oh and even sponsors) - ideas please

Anything else missing?


@TechnicalNature happy to ‘fork’ last years header pic OSCEdays style. Any shared syle-file?


@TechnicalNature @sharmaval could use openstreet map with # / links andor possibly chat with @_ECorbin for OpenWorkshopNetwork/category-event ? tbd


Hey cool - was thinking it could maybe incorporate elements of the Circular Makespace graphics but with OSCEdays elements from this years graphics style - the files in the owncloud folder here. We could then also use this as new, eventbrite, possible sponsorship header?


Va bene :slight_smile: Let’s have a think and chat, might be good to focus on #RDM (more than #CMS tbd …
See +eyefood+ = re-discovering beautiful #heretic #SpectralNation #Chromatogram //ps.