[TASK] Thunderclap campaign

During the last BoST meeting we discussed about how to communicate for the call for cities. Thunderclap is a tool that we can use.

So far what is planned?
We will send a newsletter next week once the website is completely finished to officially announce the next edition and start the call for cities. On parallel like last year we will share and promote this call through various networks and channels.

Therefore I think there a 2 situations for a campaign:

1. Call for cities
Goal: Get more cities
Ideally need to be done in the coming weeks and at latest in march. It can be done when we send the newsletter, with a call to action to join the campaign and share the call for cities. In that case, it should not add much workflow as we are already promoting the call for cities. We just need to add an invitation to thunderclap in our message.

2. Call for participants
Goal: Get more participants.
After March. Might be a bit tricky to do as the call should be done individually for each cities.

What do you think? Dos it make sense? Is it useful? Too much work?

Hi Tim,

we will send out the Newsletter next monday/week with the call for cities. Can you provide a text to add to the newsletter that explains the thunderclap and invites people to join it? Don’t know what needs to be set up for this. But could you do it?

I imagine something like (in the better language):

“Join our Thunderclap: A thunderclap is a community accelerated amplified social media outrach. Do you like to join our thunderclap on February 22 and help to spread the word about the OSCEdays? Follow this link to set it up.”

I don’t know, if there is then a webpage to sign up to the thunderclap? If the thing is a bit more complicated and needs more explanation, then probably we should have a forum topic just dedicated to explain the full procedure to the people interested to join it.

The invitation to the thunderclap in the newsletter should not be longer then 2 sentences I think.

I set up the campaign, only issue it takes 2 to 3 days to be validated. I did not know.

Details of the campaign:

Goal: 250 supporters
Timeline 3 weeks, ends on the 1st of February.
Title: OSCEdays Call for Cities
Message: OSCEdays explore #OpenSource for #CircularEconomy! They’re looking for local organisers #oscedays #sustainability
The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) is a global event & hackathon exploring Open Source for a sustainable Circular Economy. The OSCEdays will happen June 9 – 13 2016 and aim to bring together and globally connect experts, activists and innvators from the fields of open source, circular economy, sustainability, design, waste and resource management in order to develop and exchange ideas and to prototype systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

We believe that this kind of economy – a sustainable, waste free, circular economy – cannot work without transparency, open access to information and open source solutions! The OSCEdays will raise that question and try to build a global community on Open Source for Circular Economy.

The event will happen globally distributed. Local groups in various cities all over the world will organize local events focusing on local challenges. All cities will be connected through various channels. (in 2015, 33 cities from 24 countries and 5 continents participated)

We are looking for local organizers for 2016! If you like to create a local event in your city and plug it together with all the other cities involved, please get in touch. On our webpage you can find more information about how to do that.

Please help us to spread the word! Share the call with your friends and send it out to people that might be interested to join us: People that might want to use the OSCEdays to push their work further, open it up and connect to other parts of the world.

The campaign has been validated and is now online here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/36481-oscedays-call-for-cities

Share this link. Connect your facebook, twitter and tumblr account and your done, a message will be automatically sent on the 1st of February if we reach 250 supporters