[TASK] Sponsors, Funders & Supporters


The OSCEdays is a start-up initiative, born through the happy coming together of a number of likeminded but diverse souls across the realms of Open Source, Circular Economy, Design, Art, Film, Engineering, Community building and more. Uniting these skills, passions and experience to contribute (and enable others too) to a more Open and Circular economy.

It is continually developing and evolving and we are looking for core team cost support and for the longer term aspects - please see our global sponsorship forum.

However in the short-term it is important to enable each of the events to happen on the ground locally and this is what this London based forum is for.

Ultimately we have basic direct costs to cover, venue, resources, documentation etc

Alongside this, this is a collaborative open event and based on working on real challenges - so we also rely on the support and insight of organisations and individuals from a variety of sectors to support in guidance, challenge forming, reaching out to their communities, as well as helping us logistically on the ground.

Sponsors & Supporters

Great organisations who recognise the potential and value that the OSCEdays can bring to both the areas of Open Source and a Circular Economy

If you’d be interested in sponsoring the London (and or global) Open Source Circular Economy Days or have ideas of possible sponsors and contacts, then please get in touch with @sharmarval or @TechnicalNature - If you prefer you can email us directly at sharon@IntentandPurpose or erica@technicalnature.org.uk

Some of the wonderful organisations and people who are supporting the OSCEdays and its objectives - either in person, online or contributing to the challenges.

If you’d be interested in supporting the London (and or global) Open Source Circular Economy Days or suggest others who would be good to get involved, then please get in touch with us below or at @sharmarval or @TechnicalNature - If you prefer you can email us directly at sharon@IntentandPurpose.org or erica@technicalnature.org.uk

Guidance we’ve had along the way!

OSCE Days London Event - June 2015 - READ ME