[TASK] Regular COMMUNITY CALLS up to June 2016

In the @BoST call on April 11th 2016 we decided to have regular community calls in the lead up to the event in June.

Community calls are a great way to keep in touch, get to know people, hear why they are interested in OSCEdays, what they would like to see happen in future…and have some fun.

Here we can plan a schedule for these calls for the coming weeks. We can start in May and have one weekly call for the six weeks beforehand.

Please add your name to the schedule to show when you are available to host a community call @BoST

#Draft Schedule:

###(All Wednesdays) (We alterating between 7pm GMT & 10am GMT)

##What Is My Time Zone? Use This Website to Find Out.

##May 4th | 7pm GMT

Hosting: @JuliaP + @Silvia


It’s late, but if anybody wants to join, use the link above.

##May 11th | 10am GMT

Hosting: @Lars2i + @Melanie_Tan

Here is the Link: https://hangouts.google.com/call/2se7ctwlpfc4fo2fnnqj6msqyie

##May 18th | 7pm GMT

Hosting: @JayKay +

Due to low turn-out / demand we decided to discontinue the community calls.


Sounds good. Once it is done I’ll add an image to the main page saying “Meet The Organizers”.

And every week on Twitter and Facebook we can announce the calls. Also in Newsletters.

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Great Lars, what time should we have the calls?

Hi and thanks @sharmarval! Just to say I’m happy to participate starting May 4th and maybe ask advice for the event we’re organising in Sibiu, Romania.

One of the things some of us might need help with is support to find people in the community who in the past had tried to solve similar issues for local events to be a hit. And community calls make for a nice opportunity to share tips, so thank you and see you soon. Will keep an eye on the time.



what time should we have the calls?

I guess we should alter the time like we do with the @BoST Calls. And I think the @BoST call times are working well at the moment (As long as we don’t have russia or the middle east).

When announce the calls we should include a link to http://worldtimebuddy.com and explain the people how to find out there local time.

(worldtimebuddy does not like GMT - so we need to find out a city that is GMT to compare with.)

@BoST I can’t join the call on May 4th as I will be travelling. Can someone else step in?

Hi Noemi, so happy to see you as a local organizer for Sibiu. I look forward to talking with you. I have a friend in Sibiu who is a civil engineer, I will let him know about your team and try to get him engaged.

Servus, Noemi, imi pare bine sa te vad in comunitatea OSCE. Sint dublu incintata sa stiu ca esti din Cluj, orasul meu natal. O sa te ajut cit de mult pot, de la distanta.


Hey @BoST @Lars2i @cameralibre @Jaime @Gien @Silvia I can’t join the first community call with @JuliaP tonight because I will be on a plane, so I wonder can one of you instead?

I’ll join tonight’s call.


Hello everyone!
If I understood correctly tonight we can be contacted by challengers/participants worldwide- or by anyone? Thanks for clarifying, Julia

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Ok, here is the link for the call on MAY 11 - https://hangouts.google.com/call/2se7ctwlpfc4fo2fnnqj6msqyie

@Lars2i will you put a hangouts link online?

Nope, you do it yourself @JayKay