[TASK] PR and external communication - English and German

Dear all,

I guess we still need people who want to be responsible for the PR and communication to externals of the OSCEDays 2015.

Tasks include:

  • coordination of the international PR and communication activities
  • writing a press release in English and German
  • organizing the press conference of the OSCEDays in Berlin
  • getting in touch with press and media

Is there anybody who wants to take this over or who knows somebody we might support us in this?

Please feel free to add ideas, comments, suggestions!

@Lars2i: where should we post this task? should we split it into global PR and PR for the Berlin event?

Thank you! :smile:


Myself and @TechnicalNature have started on this! It would be great to get your help though. We’ve started a list of blogs and media that we’d like to target, and I think we also have a draft press release.

I think @TechnicalNature also has a draft plan in place for what the communications ramp up might look like over the next few weeks (I might be wrong though) :smile:

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Hi @sharmarval @sophia - Great!!!
Yes I made a start (linked to the timeline and also some initial areas in the READ ME (which is a wiki so please feel free to add key points directly).
I still need to change the timeline into a clearer format/ tasks since the move to Own Cloud.

Regarding the PR - we were talking about this previously to make a basic/ standard Global one - example and then a version/ example for local organisers to tweak for their application.
Will do one/ both this week and share with those who want to help for refinement. As well as this get the links to the blog/ newsletter etc to link too (will be good to ramp up early May).
Alongside this we’re going to do a mini launch/ challenge and platform intro and communication on the 11th (month before). This is something that we can also encourage globally. So I don’t think however we will be doing a specific Press Conference event here but more or a pre-meet workshop intro.


hi, thanks, yes, i think you should post a similar request in the Berlin Category - just for the german event and press coordination team. We can start to develop the local PR from there and align it with the global one.