[TASK] - OSCEdays Berlin 2016 - WEBSITE - ADD Info Here

Mach ich, dauert ein paar Tage. Ab dem 2. Mai ist die Website komplett überarbeitet.

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Great :slight_smile: - But let’s be a bit picky with the Logos. Not because I don’t want to give credit. But each Logo takes another 10 minutes to add. It is a question of resources.

And it would be cool, if you have a chance to send them over in a quadrat.

Okay! Got it! Then lets wait until next week :slightly_smiling:

ah :slight_smile: - no add the nowhere kitchen. they are strong partners. it’s cool. just in general not too many of the just participating ones for now.

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What kind of different partner sections do we need?

Main Partners

Local Partners

i dont understand, this is for the berlin website, so it is all local. yes?
i dont need a differentiation then, just partners or is fine for me

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ok, here is the Logo Cloud so far. I added it also the the PROGRAM of the event.

Hi @Lars2i
Please find attached our logo (GreenBuzz for the association). If you want to add our Sustainability Drinks Logo as well, it is attachedas well. Cheers, Ulli

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@cameralibre do you have a cameralibre logo on a square for me? Please post it here, thanks.


@friederike Logo? Oder Challenge Cover? “Bioark”

pls embedd https://vimeo.com/167281965 to the website thanks

@Lars2i Logo und Challenge cover!

Ok, website updated and program too.


Hello! Please add (as partner):
ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion

ESMODLogoENGLISCHrot.eps (639.7 KB)

@Mayya - done :slight_smile: On the website and in the Program.

And here is 250x250px PNG version of it

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