[TASK] - OSCEdays Berlin 2016 - WEBSITE - ADD Info Here

Hi Berlin community :slight_smile:

I am taking care of the Website for the OSCEdays Berlin 2016.

But I can’t follow all the things you want me to add - Logos, information, texts and so on – through my email inbox. Impossible.

So please post everything you want me to add here. Including Logos. You can add pictures and documents by just drag and drop them into your comment.

Looking forward to the info :slight_smile:

(I am also open for constructive critique and feedback.)


Hey Lars, bitte dieses Logo hinzufügen:

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Mach ich, dauert ein paar Tage. Ab dem 2. Mai ist die Website komplett überarbeitet.

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Great :slight_smile: - But let’s be a bit picky with the Logos. Not because I don’t want to give credit. But each Logo takes another 10 minutes to add. It is a question of resources.

And it would be cool, if you have a chance to send them over in a quadrat.

Okay! Got it! Then lets wait until next week :slightly_smiling:

ah :slight_smile: - no add the nowhere kitchen. they are strong partners. it’s cool. just in general not too many of the just participating ones for now.

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What kind of different partner sections do we need?

Main Partners

Local Partners

i dont understand, this is for the berlin website, so it is all local. yes?
i dont need a differentiation then, just partners or is fine for me

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ok, here is the Logo Cloud so far. I added it also the the PROGRAM of the event.

Hi @Lars2i
Please find attached our logo (GreenBuzz for the association). If you want to add our Sustainability Drinks Logo as well, it is attachedas well. Cheers, Ulli

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@cameralibre do you have a cameralibre logo on a square for me? Please post it here, thanks.


@friederike Logo? Oder Challenge Cover? “Bioark”

pls embedd https://vimeo.com/167281965 to the website thanks

@Lars2i Logo und Challenge cover!

Ok, website updated and program too.


Hello! Please add (as partner):
ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion

ESMODLogoENGLISCHrot.eps (639.7 KB)