[TASK] Material Corner Equipment

(part of the location & tech team)

##Material Corner

The Idea of the Material Corner is to have materials and also tools to work with during the days to do some spontenous prototyping, mirror or collaborate with global challenges like this one for example or just have something to get inspired from at the venue.

We’ll have a corner for this in the backyard of Agora.

##We need

  • Materials – all kinds of rests, wood, plastic, packaging, metal, cardboard, screws
  • Tools – A set of basic tools (screwdrivers etc.) and maybe also some advanced ones (like 3d printers)

##Who takes Care/Ideas

Do you need help with something? Is everything working?

More ideas and contributions? Please step forward.

##A Challenge
How to equipe & use such a corner to only create circular/regenerative designs?

IMG: Maker Faire San Mateo 2011 (078) CC-BY-ND by Rip R.Lagenta (Flickr)

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I’ll bring some Meccanno (metal & wood) & Lego (bigger edition) to play and experiment with :slight_smile:

Please let me know which tools I should bring. My list so far (as far as available @*Leila):

power drill
electric jigsaw
extension cords
assorted screwdrivers & spanners
electric screwdriver (Akkuschrauber)
hammers (various sizes)
hand jigsaw (metal and wood)
soldering set
assorted screws & nails

anything else?

@transitionmaike sounds great! thank you. jeai.

the only thing to add i can think of right now is the Lego bricks you have available. The ones i will bring are big ones so it will be easy to seperate :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to edit, so I just post the link here: http://schuelerfahrradwerkstatt.de/

I have everything available to fix bikes, and do some heavy metal work. (can’t bring the welder, but it’s not safe anyway)

Only Wood-work is not in my equipment included :wink:

Hi @Lars2i!
Great Material Corner!! How can we collaborate with this space?
We can offer the El-Recetario.net a platform about open design and upcycling to get some inspiration, and a place to share some of the prototypes you build. It’s in Spanish, but we are now working hard to launch a new multilanguage version with much more advanced functionalities :wink:

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Bleibt nur die Frage: weiß Agora Bescheid, wenn wir da morgen Abend auftauchen und Zeugs abladen?

Das ließe sich klären mit dem Agora, sicher.

update on tools and materials available:

2x power drills with drills for wood and metal
3 extension cords with 3-4 outlets each (short, long, very long)
flex polishing machine
(electric jigsaw with a screw missing, hope we can fix it)
assorted screwdrivers & spanners
electric screwdriver (Akkuschrauber) with bits
3 hammers (various sizes)
hand jigsaw (metal and wood)
soldering set
welding set (only for professionals)

assorted screws & nails (not so many)
assorted small and medium bikes (parts/frames)
some wood (not very much)

Lego (small box)

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