[TASK] implement a calendar into the platform

During the last OSCEdays meeting in Berlin we discussed the need for an Open Source calendar within the platform to show

  • (public) open meetings, public projects
  • (public) when and where you can meet OSCE-people at other events like the sharefair
  • (internal) working group meetings
  • (internal) deadlines for tasks
  • (internal) requests for talks/ articles, and: is anyone assigned to do it or is it still open?
    searchable by keywords
    viewable by cities/ kategories

I have tried to set up a google calendar (osce@web.de , pw: #OSCEdays2016), but we were not happy with the fact that it’s not OS. I asked a friend who is active in free software and he advised this one:
can we implement something like that into the forum so it shows up as one of the links in the top bar?