[TASK] Finding Challengers

[Task is part of the challenge curating team]

Spread the Call for Challenges - find & engage Challengers: The Call for Challenges is open and published. Now we have to spread it and engage potential challengers directly. Two things to do:

##SPREAD the Call/Channels
Post it in social networks, mailinglists, print it and hang it to walls, send it to relevant people or institutions. Like: Universities & Research Institutes, Companies, Communities, NGOs & Initiatives, Policy makers, Researchers, Makers, Hackers, Activists, Innovators, Artists or Educators dealing in things around: circular economy, resource & waste management, sustainable design (products, services, systems), environment & nature protection, open source (hardware, software, data), standardization, modularity, renewable energy & resources or business model innovation.

##CONTACT people directly
More importantly contact potential challengers directly. Help them to understand the call, explain it, develop ideas for the challenge with them together.

Everything starts with collecting ideas. Please add your ideas the CHALLENGERS DOCUMENT in OwnCloud. (If you don’t have access to the doc get in touch with @Cameralibre)

The document in OwnCloud is just for collecting ideas. If you found a challenger and the challenge is confirmed please go through THE FORM here or diretyl through this document.

If you want to join us in this task, we are very happy about it. Just ping me.

##(The Call)


Hi there,

here are some ideas that are on the top of my head when I think of open source and circular economy.

It’s just starting points to discuss together and develop. Maybe you like one or two of them.

  • Recycling: What does the recycling sector and waste management sector look like in 2050 when we have no more waste? Are they resource providers or product designers?
  • Product desing: What would a product look like when it is designed to last and be repaired instead of for obsolescence. For example what would a smart phone or laptop look like which is made for repair and not for obsolescence?
  • Urban development 2.0: What would an open source city and waste free city look like? What would we have in the super markets and shops and would it even have supermarkets? Kigali may be an interesting example to look at the transformation from city in crisis to a green city.
  • Community development 2.0: What about a Circular Economy Lab? How can we create a space to foster circular economy projects, implementations, innovations and how can the space physically reflect this mission? And what should happen in such a lab?
  • Against obsolescence: Let’s spin upcycling or repair ideas for massive waste fractions such as e-Waste in order to avoid this or for old ships in order to avoid this or tires in order to avoid this just to name a few. Let’s imagine the future with fixable products and repair shops instead of the current buy more, cheaper, shorter culture. How can open source help achieve that?
  • Packaging 2.0: What about re-usable packaging in order to avoid this
  • How can people be motivated as a community to sort their waste and bring it to be recycled imagine open source smart bins and gamified, educational approach?
  • What would a decentralized raw material management look like open source? Can you imagine waste bins that communicate with trucks and can just call on empty trucks to be picked up and driven to a company which can use the material to be re-used for production? Don’t you think that would be a nice example for real open source circular economy?

I look forward to your input, ideas and develop some great challenges together.


TASK is updated – 2nd part

for insitutions next to this ideas (and who will contact them) This ideas emerged in the Meeting on May 7.

Circle Economy ( @Sophia)
Cradle to Cradle Verein ( @Ina)
Center of Sustainable Consumption and Production in Wuppertal. ( Sophia)
BSR ( @Lars2i)
Starting House H&M ( @Hanne)
I:CO – I collect ( Hanne)
Research Gate / Peer Library ( @matthias )
Launch Nordic – Copenhage Network (10 Innovators +) ( Ina)
TU Berlin – Rainwater Research ( @Justine)
Ecology Institute Berlin / Öko Institut e.V. ( Lars2i)
Meet-Ups - Check the Meetup Platform and spread the call in fitting groups (@cameralibre)
Interface (?)
Impact Hub – ( Ina)
Start Up List Berlin – Check the start up list Berlin and send the call to the right people ( matthias)

If you have more ideas, just reach out to the institutions or people. Or add the ideas below.

@Lars2i gibts einen bestimten Text den man für Anschreiben verwenden soll?

Hi Hanne, nope, aber vielleicht kannst du einfach was aus dem deutschen Call rauskopieren und eine kleine persönliche Einleitung (1 oder 2 Sätze) schreiben.

Wenn du magst, setz mich in den CC, meine Mailadresse ist zimmermann.lars@email.de

bis bald, L