[TASK] Communication - London OSCEdays

This area is for building and supporting the communication around the London OSCEDays - there is an opportunity to support the Global Communication as well and various topics will link together.

We’d like creative ways to engage, activate and inform a wide-range of audiences and participants please get involved!

Key Communication points:

Pre Event/ Days

  • Engaging challengers and awareness
  • Engaging forum users/ contributors
  • Engaging participants for the days/event
  • Developing/ building links with global participants/ challenges
  • General awareness, media etc


  • General media, awareness to relevant audiences
  • Daily summaries
  • Logistics - Linking with other local organisers globally

Post Event (also linked to documentation)

  • Early summary of the event
  • Longer term documentation (linked to global)
  • Keeping the forum and challenge collaboration platform alive