[Task] Baubus Logo – The Baubus Project needs a Logo, and Design

This is a sub-challenge for the main Baubus challenge. It focusses on the Logo. The project needs some graphic design in order to achieve its goal better.

##Background, Challenge & Resources
Baubus Website | Baubus Main Challenge

There is a website for the Baubus project and also a Logo I made. But I am not a graphic designer and clearly the logo needs some work. Baubus needs a better Logo.

.svg download of the current version

I downloaded a color scheme from colorschemer. I am not sure, if I am allowed to use it or if the creator of a color scheme automatically receives a copyright for it. Maybe a new one has to be created, but maybe this one is not that good anyway.

’ playin around ’

I would be happy, if someone likes to take on that challenge and gives Baubus new colors and a new Logo. The project does not make any money at the moment, so this is a question for a gift. But the Baubus project aims to build an open source system to educate the builders of a circular world for tomorrow.


As requested brother, hope you like it!

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Wow! Thank you very much. I’ll try to find some time soon to make progress with Baubus again and bring your designs to the page.