[TASK 2016] Blog Planning up to June

I’m writing a blog post at the moment, but I noticed that the formatting of the blog on the website is gone a bit funny since last year…

I was also thinking we could try to have a series of blogs to release between here and June. I can make a shared file with some topics that could be a priority between here and then.

@unteem is writing a blogpost for the Namaste Foundation specific on circular economy and blockchain.

And also @Lars2i has started one on C2C here.

What do you think @BoST


yes, with the new theme also the blog looks different now. Is there anything specific in the design or regarding something else you think should be different or is a problem.

Maybe we can do something about it.

When we have the “OSCE UTOPIA” list ready or started, it is definitely worth a blogpost!

Ah, Sharon

The Email I wrote to Conny Bakker could be a good blogpost. If we change the intro a bit. What do you think?

On Monday I will give a workshop in Munich about the Open Source Circular Platform Business Model. Maybe some more Resources will come out of that, to link to at least.

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I think this is super and has features of what makes a blog good to read ie informative. You could also include @unteem’s link to L’increvable. :slight_smile:

Just looking at the blog layout on the website.

There is a rogue heading at the top ‘From Blog’ which I think can be deleted.

It looks to me like it’s not clear where one blog stops and another begins. Maybe the layout could look a bit better if we could just see the heading of the blog, perhaps with an image (consistent size?), and then you click into the blog to read the whole lot of it.

Or it could stay as it is but with a bit more thought on the design?

Also here is a list of blogs so far maybe this is a way to track / continue to generate content.

@unteem is the blog content pulled into the newsletter also?

What do others think @BoST

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Cool. Will work on the design questions asap.


here is a suggestion for a new blogpost:

###“The Way We Work in OSCEdays or: What Is Open Source?”

Please check it, add suggestions or give it a go.

###Another one in the pipe
I know @cameralibre has another one in the pipeline. He was giving an interview about our digital infrastructure for Indihosters. As soon as Indihosters has published that interview we can also republish it in our blog.

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ok, Blog is fixed - design wise https://oscedays.org/category/blog/


I reposted ‘Open Source ≠ DIY’ on the forum under ‘Resources & Introductions>What is Open Source’ to help clear up some confusion.

Maybe @sharmarval @TechnicalNature or others could write a similar explanation for ‘Circular Economy ≠ Upcycling’?

It would be good to have a quick & easy link to post when an event starts looking a bit too upcycly… I find it quite a good approach to have a general post as a resource, because the post can lay out the issue in a quite straightforward ‘here are the facts’ way, without pointing the finger specifically at the person or project who you are trying to constructively criticize. It makes it clear that the argument is not ad hominem.
Whenever we want to convince someone to think about CE in a deeper way, we can write them a short, polite, personal message, which ends with ‘for more information check out this post(link)’.


New Blogpost suggestion:

wuha, this intro video about circular economy really makes me think, we should publish the blogpost about the fifth business model for the washing machine quite soon.

This whole emphasis of “not owning your stuff” anymore… It really annoys me somehow. Think we should brainstorm a bit about it and come up with good criticism - maybe create an absurd satire or so. A bit like people criticizing the internet of things.

Open Source actually makes it possible to think, that we have a Circular Economy where people still own their stuff and fully control it.

The whole circular economy everything is leased ideology can quickly turn the world into a much less free world.

Can it?

This is a super important point! I think it can. Maybe we can show some examples of this :slightly_smiling:


Yes, I agree. I think the alternative of ownership of open source things, would be the stewardship over this things.

This subject is covered in books like Sacred Economics and Reinventing Organizations.

I agree that it should be a part of the debate.