[BLOGPOST suggestion] – An Open Source Circular Economy Future – Wish List


the OSCE future list is published – or at least a first version of it – and I think it would be good to have a blogpost about it. Here is a (very) quick made suggestion:

An Open Source Circular Economy Future – Wish List

Many people ask us, what do we mean with Open Source Circular Economy? And although there is a mission statement [LINK] it is still easy for some people to get a clear idea. Especially not how to create a challenge – a practical thing to work on in a local event [LINK] – around it. So some members of the of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship [LINK] created a list – with bullet points – giving little insights into an Open Source Circular Economy future.

The Open Source Circular Economy Future List. [LINK]

Everything on that list is a potential challenge for you to take on. And we invite you to. It is just a start and the list will grow over time. We hope to create some knots around some of these bullet points in the future.

Some examples from the list:

  • Circular packaging: elegant, hygienic, open and circular food packaing solutions.

  • An open list / (decentralized?) database of materials that are really recyclable and open source.

  • An educational resource or educational device or toy to teach children Circular Economy - across the globe to create shared ground for global understanding.

  • Circular Textiles: Durable clothing (lasting materials, smart cuts, “classic” & timeless designs, openly modular constructed and easy to repair) – made with non toxic fabrics and inks (biodegradable or recyclable) – connected to a good system for recovery and actual recycling of materials (most probably decentralized and open).

  • Circular and open replacement for inks, dyes, paints, laquers. Biodegradable, recyclable or at least non-toxic/harmless for the biosphere.

Read the full list and add ideas to it. [LINK]