[TASK 2015] Regular blogs - topics, countries and organisations [closed]

This is a discussion to support ensuring that the OSCEdays represents it’s global voice and participants across the Open Source and Circular Economy disciplines and interests. One avenue we have to do this is through the blog on the website.

The idea is that all local organisers/ cities/ countries should have a blog/ introduction on the main site (as well as other suggestions and contributing via specific topics/ thought pieces as the challenges develop).

Please suggest topics, nominate yourself/ organisation to submit a blog (alongside suggested timing) in the OSCEdays Blog category (or email ideas to erica@technicalnature.org.uk)

It could be on something that you’ve done before, just experienced, coming-up or been thinking about (Open Source Circular Economy related naturally)!

We’re doing an event with Ezio Manzini in May and I’m planning to do a writeup about it. Could include OSCE in the discussion and see what comes out of it? I think this format works well as it is intimate enough that we can have deeper conversations. Maybe others want to try too? https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/design-when-everybody-designs-an-evening-talk-and-dinner-on

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Brilliant! Looks a great event that will no doubt facilitate a lot of interesting discussions (will like to read his book too). We can also publish an excerpt and link across to the Edgeryders full blog write-up.

I’m writing a blog post at the moment, but I noticed that the formatting of the blog on the website is gone a bit funny since last year…

I was also thinking we could try to have a series of blogs to release between here and June. I can make a shared file with some topics that could be a priority between here and then.

What do you think @BoST


I’m writting a blogpost for the Namaste Foundation on blockchain following up the Lift Conference and an hackaton on Blockchain we organized in Lausanne.

I’m planning to write one more specific on circular economy and blockchain. If you see a time its best to publish it let me know.


Hi – we have a whole category called “OSCEdays” Blog.


I guess this would be the perfect place to share a list with ideas and also to share drafts and ask others to edit in ideas.

There is a Blogpost draft from me from November (about C2C) in it. We could look into it and discuss, if we want to publish that.

Thanks @Lars2i I guess this is another situation where I am not sure where to post things because a number of headings are so similar. (Bug report?) :wink:


Hi, jeap. good discovery! @sharmarval

I added a remark about the Blogpost category to the global communications READ ME. And also above to the intro text of Erica.

I will also close this thread now, so that everything can go from now on directly to the “OSCEdays Blog category”.

A good way for you would be to copy and paste your comment above to a new topic in that category. What do you think, might this work?

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Cool. And I will relocate this topic also to the “OSCEdays Blog” category. “Communication global” is not the right spot anymore I guess.