TALK: The Prototype Fund - $$$ for your Open Source Project

Who are we / Wer sind wir ?

The Prototype Fund supports ideas in civic tech, data literacy, data security, and software infrastructure. With a grant of up to €47.500, software developers, hackers, and creatives can write code and develop innovative open source prototypes over a period of six months. The Prototype Fund is funded by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education of Germany.

What will we do / Was werden wir machen ?

We will introduce our fund, answer your questions and share our learnings from the last three rounds of funded projects. We are looking forward to your applications!

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung


Saturday, June 16, 13:45

@InnoZ Forum, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

We don’t need much time, everything between 10-30 minutes is fine. A beamer would be great.

Contact / Kontakt

Open Resources / Offenes Wissen


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